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Posted by epoxyearl | Jan 10, 2016 @ 06:54 PM | 21,467 Views
I'm an old man, soon to be 75...I have my opinions, and my own thoughts on how things should or shouldn't be. If you're gonna read this, just listen to my ramblings, and keep in mind that you're free to draw your own conclusions the same as I am.

I don't like drones, or helicopters, or model airplanes that go 250 miles an hour. I don't like people who fly too close to other people, airplanes or buildings.
I( do like guys who fly with respect, that build their own models, and respect the opinions of others...
Several years ago, when the 'Quads' made their presence known, I was impressed with their versatility, and the fact that they had cameras on 'em, unencumbered by the propellor strobes always visible in videos made in my models.

Then, slowly, insidiously, the minds that think outside the norm thought, "Hey ! wouldn't it be neat if we"-(add your own craziness here). Well they started flying around Airports to get close ups of Full Scale Aircraft, they flew into Fireworks displays, and into backyards where girls were sunbathing nude.I've seen videos of them being flown down City Streets, and through the doors of College dorms, and up and down the halls.

About that time, the AMA, whose membership has been in a steady decline, (one guy has a number in the millions, when the actual count is 185,000 if you believe that sort of thing)saw a chance to pad their pockets with money generated by this influx of new fliers.
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