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Posted by epoxyearl | Oct 28, 2013 @ 09:10 AM | 9,406 Views
"Does anyone have this Graphic?" "Where can I find a 3 view of this ?" "has anyone ever---?"
All these questions get answers at RCGroups, from guys willing to take one more step toward helping a fellow modeler.

The Sun's shining, the leaves are falling, and we're facing another building season, anxiously awaiting next spring's new crop of models.

Escape Flyer and his daughter Ashley are back. Dad and daughter , building together.

Life is good.
Posted by epoxyearl | Oct 20, 2013 @ 07:30 AM | 8,766 Views
You hear it all the time-"just DO it". Little is indicated about the soul-searching required to accomplish that.

I want to convert a brand new, unstarted glow engine to ignition, and gasoline fuel.

It's an MDS 2.18 cubic inch glow motor, (35cc) and it's way too much for a 110" Rascal, but it's going in it anyway.

I'll probably do a "Conversion log" in the "engines" forum..It's just difficult knowing I may ruin a perfectly good engine through experimentation..On reflection, I've ruined a few 'perfectly good engines' by running them for 40 odd years also.....and the G-62 we crashed into the concrete at Virginia Beach so hard and fast we knocked the crankshaft out of index..
There's a front and rear half of the crank,pressed through the con rod bearing,under tremendous pressure.

We knocked it asunder.... I lived through that tragedy- I'll probably survive burning this engine up.

We'll see.
Posted by epoxyearl | Oct 06, 2013 @ 05:40 AM | 8,897 Views
I got the chance to do some endurance flight testing for a 2014 project, and took it.
Guys want to fly across country,"Club Hopping" a Sig Rascal 110 and a Taylorcraft.
Volunteer clubs will fly the planes to the next location, so any and all can participate.
I volunteered my Rascal for local testing, with a Fuji 34 cc gas engine..We're looking for 70 miles per hour, and roughly 100 miles distance.

The rascal will accept two 40 oz. fuel tanks, piggyback style, so having two 32oz tanks removed from the Midwing Special, we began our journey. We have access to a little used full scale airport in Massey Maryland, so we headed there.
We flew for 75 minutes at full throttle, on 64 ozs of gas...We have a 22 x 12 prop cut down to 17-1/2" diameter, leaving a "paddle blade" prop stub.
We will do rpm, fuel consumption,weight, and radar speed checks this coming Tuesday.
The Rascal easily carries the extra fuel, and to celebrate the beginning of the test flights, we looped it from level flight with 64 ozs of fuel aboard. I don't think the Rascal was aware of the extra weight.
I was not designed to fly for that long, however..Several of my systems were complaining at the end of 75 minutes, not the least of which was my knees....I'm sitting down, next time.
Flying for fun loses most of it's 'appeal' at about 40 minutes, for me.
Those guys will be in a convertible, with the top down, when they do the actual flight.