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Posted by steve wenban | Nov 08, 2006 @ 02:12 PM | 9,238 Views
Tuesday the 7th November,
The ESV Jart took to the sky at Otford again . I was using the standard JR Tx
with a rubber duck antenna after about 5 minutes I start to notice a few little strange gliches I thought as the lift had not quite setlled in that it may have been a bit of turbulance then the Rx went failsafe and locked me into a steep right hand bank, I was out wide with lot of air and managed to get control back . I banked in and head straight for home when bang it locked me again on the base turn , still mananged to get control back and brought it down flat without damage . After getting my heart back down out of my throat I remembered a thread here on RCG regarding the rubber ducky , I swapped back to the standard antenna . It took a bit of courage to launch the Jart back out even after a satisfiying range check , but I just shrugged and chucked her out . And whatda know rock solid not so much as a slight flicker then got on with tearing big holes in the sky . the more air time I get with this aircraft the more I love it . Number 2 is well under way with number 3 being planned