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Posted by KOMET 44 | Oct 24, 2010 @ 04:14 PM | 6,599 Views
Well almost a year half ago I almost burned down my house.Lipo battery caught on fire in my cellar.So I descided it was time to acquire or build something.Here is what I have done.I took a big metal box out of the trash at work.Next I made a cover and welded hinges on one side.Now the lid flips up and down.I place the box on padeo blocks in my cellar.Then 2 more on top.Then a machinest true plate.Then 2 more contrete blocks.Hopfull this will be enough protection. Enjoy the pictures.
Posted by KOMET 44 | Oct 23, 2010 @ 08:00 PM | 6,857 Views
Well it's been a couple of weeks on this project.But it is flying and it's my new go anywhere plane!!Here are the picture from trash to flying.Apc-e13x10 Maxcim geard13 3y motor/mec gear box.5s lipo
Posted by KOMET 44 | Oct 17, 2010 @ 09:08 PM | 6,444 Views
Well I have finally had a great day of flying in a lonnnnnnnnng time.Summer heat makes me stay in the cellar The plane I so excited about is a,"EasySport 40".This plane is just so nice to throw in the van and go flying.Motor is a MaxCim brushless geard.Uses a MEC gear box.First a little history.It's a arf from GreatPlanes.I removed the plane from the rubbish can at my flying feild.Just the fuse(what was left) and a wing with a hugh hole in the leading edge.Next was to reglue all pieces I had and add any missing lumber.I made my own hatch for the top and bottom.Gear box needed regearing but that didn't stop me last week in doing a retest flight.Only prop that would work was a 16x10.That prop still was only drawing 22 amps. 300 and something watts.Put in 3 flights.Also this was on 4s packs.Today I tried a 13x10 wood zinger prop on 4s pack.Next I switched to 13x6.5 on 5s This was a great improvement but still only drawing 25/26 amps.Next I moved to a 13x10 Can someone say,"I THINK WE HAVE A WINNER" This the winning combo in my book.The plane will do all the basic aerobatics and then some.No 3d but still a great plane to practice landing ,touch-n-go's, or just trying something new.I don't have any pictures rite now,but I will post some soon.Later,stefanP