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Posted by SPasierb | Aug 31, 2008 @ 07:00 PM | 6,508 Views
A few select photos from the 2008 Silent Kinghts Soaring Society Electric Aerotow. The event was held August 22-24 at the beautiful SKSS flying field in White Clay Creek Park outside Newark, Delaware. A must for the 2009 calendar!

I can highly recommend this event to anyone even midly interested in soaring and aerotow. Pilots ranged from beginner to old hat and everyone flew in a mutually-supportive environment. The entire team at SKSS put their hearts into producing an enjoyable event. From a superb flying site (great nature trails on site and things to do in the Brandywine Valley for the rest of the family) to expertly run operations, from far too much good food to many many fun people. A great range of models -- from ARFs to finely crafted 5 meter works of art.

I have been flying sailplanes for 25+ years and scale from slopes nearly as long, but this was my first large, formal aerotow. I could not have been more impressed by the tow pilots who made every trip a success. I brought along my trusty old 2.6 meter Discus that lives on the slope -- now outfitted with a nose release and the larger World Models Minimoa that will be my review feature in the April 2009 issue of Fly RC.

I did three trips on the Discus just to get the cobwebs out -- specking it out once. Five trips were made on the Minimoa. Save the first which was more about getting the plane trimmed, all the remaing flights found great lift. On two occasions I had to employ my full landing mode...Continue Reading
Posted by SPasierb | Aug 17, 2008 @ 02:25 PM | 15,760 Views
Here are a few additional shots of the Hangar 9 B-25. I can highly recommend this airplane. This is Hangar 9's first twin bomber and much like the rest of their line of warbirds, they got it right on the first try! I thoroughly enjoy flying mine and it looks fantastic in the air.

For those interested in an e-power version of this airframe, there are two current magazine reviews just on the streets that I'd like to point you to. First, my glow and e-power comparision in the October 2008 edition of Fly RC magazine ( Next, Mike Hoffmeister's excellent review in the September edition of Sport RC Flyer.

An interesting point, Mike in his text mentions that upon trying 5S power he feels that the recommended 4S is generally better, more scale-like and does not push the power system as hard. He just saved me some $ as I was about to try 5S! My plane performs very well on 4S, so I'll take his word for it and stick with what I have.

PLANE: B-25 Mitchell
DISTRIBUTOR: Horizon Hobby, Inc.
TYPE: Twin-engine bomber ARF
FOR: 2-stroke glow or electric
WINGSPAN: 80.7 in.
WING AREA: 851 sq. in.
WEIGHT: 14 lb. 10 oz. glow, 16 lb. electric
WING LOADING: 39.5 (glow) – 43.3 (electric) oz./sq. ft.
LENGTH: 63 in.
RETRACTS: Robart custom for Hangar 9
RADIO: 6 channels or more required; flown with a JR 9303 2.4Gz transmitter, R921 2.4Gz receiver, 8 JR Digital Sport DS821servos and 3 JR 331 Micro servos
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Posted by SPasierb | Jul 26, 2008 @ 02:20 PM | 7,347 Views
My RC Groups friend Chris in Missouri had a complete Spit kit that he was not planning on building. He sold it and all the supporting servos, motor and supplies (all HXT from HobbyCity) along with the Alfa retract set -- at a fantastic price. I simply could not resist. My intention was to put it away for the future.

Flash forward to last weekend. The heat and humidity were insane. Not wanting to be in the great outdoors oozing, I retreated to the great basement and much cooler temperatures.

Here's the result. I fly from a grass field, so the retracts were out. I did use the wheels and covers to make the dummy look a bit better. This is the first Alfa model I have seen with seperate aileron servos -- nice! This will permit using differential in the radio programming to make certain rolls are perfectly axial. The old single servo set-up was fine, but limited the ability to fine-tune surface travels.

I just couldn't bring myself to use the HXT servos while the HXT motor would have required a firewall modification. So, I went with pretty much my typical Alfa + MP Jet set-up. That is... Hitec HS55 servos all around. HXT 18A controller on the blue MP Jet 35D outrunner turning an APC 9x6 SF prop. 1500 Mah 3S LiPo. 2.4G receiver. Looks pretty nice for a rush build.

What's your favorite Alfa?

PS: Update as of July 27. Maiden flight was this morning. What a fantastic flyer! Really moves around the sky and very nimble on controls. As I...Continue Reading
Posted by SPasierb | Jul 21, 2008 @ 06:53 PM | 6,991 Views
Basta! Enough! Amazing what one can do with an 8GB card and 8 points of IQ. Here are a few final (no really, final) shots to share.

I appreciate the comments and feedback the other posts have received. I enjoy writing about airplanes for Fly RC, but a picture truly is worth a thousand words. This was the first time I really focused (no pun!) on photography beyond a few personal snaps of planes I would one day like to model.

That's all until the next event!

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Posted by SPasierb | Jul 20, 2008 @ 11:10 AM | 7,716 Views
A good week all around. Took a break from airplanes to enjoy the All Star Game.

No, we did not stay until 1:37AM! Yes, the living legends presentation before the game was fantastic!

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Posted by SPasierb | Jul 17, 2008 @ 09:55 PM | 9,542 Views
The finish on this bird was superb. “Very most wonderfully excellent special” -- to borrow Japanese game show parlance.

A few static and take off shots. He made the departure interesting......Continue Reading
Posted by SPasierb | Jul 17, 2008 @ 06:28 PM | 8,947 Views
Okay, how about some actual combat aircraft!? A few more of my "too many" shots from Warbirds Over Delaware. Some sweet A-1 Skyraiders, P-51, P-47, P-40. And, some damn fine formation flying -- or close to it. Joy!

Can I get a ?...Continue Reading
Posted by SPasierb | Jul 15, 2008 @ 01:55 PM | 7,350 Views
Transport. Various shots of the big heavy stuff (and one pip squeak by comparison). So much fun just to see on the ground let alone in the air!

Here's the gang, less the Connie that is featured further down in this blog. Let's kick it off with Carl Bachhuber's C-124A. This 200 inch span airframe is motivated by four Zenoah G45 motors turning 20x10 3-blade props...

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Posted by SPasierb | Jul 15, 2008 @ 01:34 PM | 7,050 Views
Not usually my cup of tea, but I have to admit many of these were impressive flyers.

On Saturday during the lunch demo they put 22 into the air at one time -- by my count actually 21 as one poor guy just could not get his started -- to great frustration. Twenty one aircraft all flying together is a wonderful sight!

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Posted by SPasierb | Jul 14, 2008 @ 08:27 PM | 7,956 Views
The high point of the flying demos was Mac Hodges' masterful performance with the B-29. A lot of photos, but such a majestic subject!

Enjoy!...Continue Reading
Posted by SPasierb | Jul 14, 2008 @ 10:20 AM | 7,044 Views
One of my favorites. I love everything about the lines of the Connie. One day I hope to have one in TWA markings. For now, I'll have to live through others.

Enjoy these shots of Carl Bachhuber's giant taken this past Saturday......Continue Reading
Posted by SPasierb | Jun 28, 2008 @ 02:50 PM | 6,965 Views
Gotta love this airplane!

My Hangar 9 B-25 on electric power. 80.7" wingspan. 16 pounds. The folks at Hangar 9 and Horizon Hobbies did themselves proud on this one. Highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!!

Read the entire review of this airplane in the October 2008 issue Fly RC Magazine!

Posted by SPasierb | Jun 17, 2008 @ 08:34 AM | 7,141 Views
Two things happened on the train this morning during my too long commute. Okay, more than two and there was that "loud talking" lady that many of us wanted to toss out onto the tracks to watch her bounce, but I digress...

First, scanning sale ads I came across a sweet sailplane that was in mint condition. Back in the day it was seriously advanced for its time. The selling price was steep, so you really had to want it -- it had been for sale in the past with many lookers, but sadly no takers. Compared to the composite molded, new airfoil offerings of today, it would be seriously outclassed in the air. So was this fine airframe from history worth the price? So subjective.

That’s what I love about this hobby and also where love comes into play. We put time and craft into models, care for them, take great joy in flying them, but as they age some we kick to the curb while fondness grows for others and they end up in the archive. Then one day we put it on the market at what our heart says is a fair price. The love clouds our view of an airplane’s value to others. They’re not wrong. And, I'd sumbit, neither are we.

Then, a few more miles down the tracks, I came across this photo in another blog and the two items just knitted together in my silly mind with a smile. The latest and greatest airframe innovation has been eclipsed many, many times and will be again. Nothing is “rust-proof.” Nothing is forever.

Have a great day!
Posted by SPasierb | Jun 14, 2008 @ 05:24 PM | 7,112 Views
I've been flying and beating my Alfa Corsair for many years now. I decided after its last case of sudden deacceleration syndrome it would look better at the bottom of a garbage can -- it gave me years of fun and owed me absolutely nothing. I've had two Alfa kits gathering dust in my basement for many years -- the plain blue F4U Corsair and the Lavochkin La7.

You have to love the fast build and satisfying results these Alfa's offer. Here are a few quick shots of each.

The Corsair is straight-forward. MP Jet 28/7-35D blue outrunner motor, Jeti 18 controller, GWS 9x5x3 prop, two HS55 servos, flying 3S 1250 Mah Lipo. I had this exact set-up in the old Corsair and it flew fantastic. The GWS prop is okay in the performance department and great from a looks standpoint. It creates a nice yellow arc in flight. For all around performace at lower amps, an APC two-blade is the better choice.

The La7 (last of the flying grand pianos) was a good occasion to play with water-based markers and some silver on the cowl to oil-stain and distress the airframe a bit. This is also on the MP Jet 28/7-35D blue outrunner, HXT 18A controller, two HS55 servos, APC 9x6 SF prop, 3S 1250 Mah LiPo.

If you are fond of the Alfa offerings or interested in learning more, I highly recommend this thread by Stuart Wayne:

Enjoy!...Continue Reading
Posted by SPasierb | Mar 01, 2008 @ 08:32 PM | 7,953 Views

Span: 42" 1066 mm
Area: ''super light wing loading'' 0.359 m2
Target weight: 48oz
Motor: 450W to 600W
Prop 13x4 to 14x7
Power: 3S to 4S lipoly

The latest from the basement on a cold March 1st. I've followed the R&D on the model for over a year. Designed in Israel, manufactured in China (like most everything these days). After months and months of scrutiny, I can say without reservation that this is one of the nicest, most well-designed ARF models available.

ZG did a superb job keeping the weight very low. The majority of buyers will look to this as a 3D model and that's certain the category it was designed to fulfill. However, I plan to fly it pattern like the original Pitts.

To say the plane "fell together" would not be an understatement. Exceptional throughout. I took extra time to paint-out screw heads and the like. Finishing touches consisted of a "virtual cockpit" using the good old color printer, a vacuum-formed radial engine painted somewhat close to accurate, and a coat of aluminum paint on the APC e-prop to dress it up a bit. Here are the specs on the equipment installed:

Scorpion 3026-12
Scorpion 70A esc
Thunder Power eXtreme V2 25c 3S 3850 Mah
4x HS65MG
APC 13x6.5 (silver finish)
Goldberg 2" spinner
All of the hardware painted out black or lemon yellow to match

Superb flyer!

Here's the link to the long original thread here on RC Groups:

Posted by SPasierb | Feb 08, 2008 @ 07:06 PM | 6,763 Views
Hi! Just finished reading a new book that may be of real interest to folks here. (I have no involvement/financial interest in it whatsoever!) I just want to pass along the information and, to me, this is the best venue.

It's by Bill Cavanaugh a longtime member of the Baltimore Area Soaring Society and several other clubs. Bill has been editor and contributor to club newsletters and model magazines for more than 30 years.

He has gathered a collection of his humorous RC soaring articles and put them in a small book. This is a fun read that will be thoroughly enjoyed by all modelers.

Price of the book is $12.95 (plus $2.00 S + H).
Contact Bill at [email protected].

Posted by SPasierb | Feb 07, 2008 @ 04:16 PM | 6,163 Views
The Scale Builder's Workshop Video Tips -- July 2005 -- Planking Compound Curves -- by Jim Young
Posted by SPasierb | Nov 20, 2007 @ 10:36 AM | 7,523 Views
My friends know that, to maintain a small bit of sanity from my work life, I am a contributing writer to Fly RC Magazine. A few months ago I did this story at their request, but it got double-assigned and lost in the shuffle. So, here's the version that never ran.

Cermark Ultimate ARF
Show the parkflyers who’s boss!

Ultimate ARF
TYPE: Wood construction ARF
FOR: 3D maneuvers and aerobatics
WINGSPAN: 30 in.
WING AREA: 300 sq. in.
WING LOADING: 13 oz./sq. ft.
LENGTH: 31 in.
RADIO: 4 channels; flown with a JR 9303 transmitter, JR R610M 6-channel sub-micro receiver, four Hitec HS 55 servos on rudder, elevator and ailerons.
POWER SYSTEM: Cermark CEM 2824-1030 brushless outrunner motor, APC 11 x 5.5 E prop, Cermark ESC 20-BL 20-amp speed control, FMA Cellpro 11.1V 1250mAh 15C Li-Poly battery.
FULL THROTTLE POWER: 19 amps static, 215 watts; 8 W/oz., 128 W/lb.
TOP RPM: 7400
DURATION: 7-8 minutes of spirited 3D flying. One could cruise for much longer, but why?
MINIMAL FLYING AREA: Park or RC club field
PRICE: $119.95
COMPONENTS NEEDED TO COMPLETE: Motor, battery and radio equipment. Cermark Part # CEM Adpter28, prop shaft adapter is required with the recommended Cermark motor.

Cermark’s Ultimate ARF is a satisfying model in every respect. Open the box and you’ll immediately be struck by an attention-grabbing 5-color factory applied covering scheme and a kit that is both complete...Continue Reading