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Posted by PittSpecial | Sep 21, 2012 @ 01:08 PM | 6,766 Views
Just sharing some How To for those Do It Yourselves out there!

Back in January 5th, 1998, I purchased an almost new 1996 Toyota Corolla DX with the 1.8 Lite Gasoline Engine and Automatic Transmission with overdrive.

The Vehicle was just sitting at the Dealer Lot in Merritt Island, Florida, the Space Coast and part of Central Florida with just 24,628 miles on the Odometer.

Fast forward, it now has 85,032 Mile on the Odometer thereby, the Vehicle has attained only 60,404 mile driven in my care. Since the Vehicle is 16 years old then, this comes out to just a little over 3,775 miles per year.

One good selling technique by the Dealer in 1998 was FREE OIL and OIL Fiter for LIFE and believe me, I have taken Advantage of this! Every time they see me coming, they beg me to trade it in and I say Nope, going to keep it for LIFE! I go in their waiting room and help myself with Donuts, Coffee and a Free Newspaper! This is just fair because the Sales Lady that attended me that day almost sold me a Camry that had been crashed on the entire Drivers side. The Sales Lady said, it was an older woman that just traded in and that it will not last long. I took a look at that Camry and you could see the Orange Peel on the entire Drivers side and the passenger was perfect with the mirror like metallic flake paint from Factory. I told her, "If you want to keep me here you better show me a vehicle that is actually CLEAN and without any prior damage plus a Large Discount!!!...Continue Reading
Posted by PittSpecial | Sep 19, 2012 @ 10:11 AM | 5,591 Views
Hello good people,

This morning I personally witnessed the Fly-Out of our newest in the Fleet, Space Shuttle Endeavour (Tail Number OV-105) ontop of the Large Path Finder (Modified BOEING 747).

It is with mixed feelings while I said my goodbye's to Endeavour for the very last time and will never see her again at Kennedy Space Center, Florida. It is being transported to The California Science Center where it will be on display for all to see.

So long Endeavour!

Low Pass, 20 minutes after take-off over the Shuttle Landing Facility (SLF):
Space Shuttle Endeavour on Path Finder doing low Pass over SLF 09-19-2012 (0 min 40 sec)

Pictures of Take Off and Low Pass:

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Posted by PittSpecial | Sep 09, 2012 @ 09:23 AM | 9,473 Views

This is my very first RC Boat Project and I like to give many thanks to Tony Lombardo for assisting me and opening his lovely home to me and teaching me how it is done.

I acquired this Large 72 inch Long Plywood model from a good friend that built it and did a very good job.

I have decided to make it functional and install an Electric Power System.

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