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Posted by PittSpecial | Aug 24, 2011 @ 02:22 AM | 10,791 Views

I just acquired one extremely like 'new' Fly Zone Sensei Rx-R (Receiver Ready) from a good friend a few miles away.

I have not seen such a well designed Foam (EPP) model ever until I laid eyes on this one from Fly Zone. It has a very smooth finish to the foam and the wings are very stiff and has spars running throughout the wing assembly and best of all it has a very smart method of joining the two halves of the wing together with a overlapping joiner with plastic tabs.

The Main landing gear goes on with two screws and the entire tail (Horizontal & Vertical Stabs) get inserted with a foam keel and held by one machine screw. The servos are pre-installed and control horns all done for you.

Wingspan: 58" (1475mm)
Wing Area: 566 sq in (36.5 sq dm)
RTF Weight: 3.2lbs (1450g)
Length: 48" (1220mm)
Airfoil: Flat bottom
Configuration: High wing
Center of Gravity: Draw a mark 1/4" (7mm) back and 1/4" (7mm) forward
from the front of the aileron servo cover. The plane should
balance between these two marks.
Control Throws:
Elevator, Up/Down: 1/2" (15mm)
Rudder, Right/Left: 5/8" (16mm)
Ailerons, Up/Down: 1/2" (15mm)

This must be the Fastest Build I have ever done!

Fly Zone Web Site:

Fly Zone Sensei:
http://www.flyzoneplanes.com/airplan...535/index....Continue Reading
Posted by PittSpecial | Aug 04, 2011 @ 10:58 AM | 11,986 Views
Hi guys!

Just opening this thread to document my GLOW-to-ELECTRIC conversion of one LT-40 ARF that was placed at my RC Club's FREE PICKUP TABLE and I quickly took advantage and brought it home.

First, I had to get the 409 spray bottle and clean off all the slime from all areas of this model and make it smell better as it had perhaps several years and flights with GLOW powered IC Engines and it seems like the previous owner did not believe in cleaning.

Well, here is a picture of the model that I have as my present project:

For additional Specifications:

After many thoughts on the matter, I decided to use some power systems that I have had on hand for a number of years and still in very good condition. Since this "is" a "LARGE" trainer, I concluded that using a quality motor such as the ASTRO FLIGHT 60 Cobalt direct drive motor as the motor of choice will do well on this model as it has 900 sq.-in. of wing area and the style of flying will be exactly "Trainer" manner all the way.

Another reason for the selection to the ASTRO FLIGHT 60 Cobalt is the tremendous Tail Boom Weight that this model exhibits and the only motor that I have on hand to OFF-SET all this Tail Boom Weight was the AF 60 motor! Checking the Center-Of-Gravity, with the projected battery type and amount of cells the Center-Of-Gravity will be right on the mark without adding any Lead Dead Weight what-so-ever.

A few pictures...Continue Reading