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Posted by PittSpecial | Jun 25, 2011 @ 09:35 PM | 8,529 Views
Good evening all.

I hope everyone has been able to fly and tonight I like to post my efforts in investigating what exactly is my Airfield Bf-109 has with respect to the Electronics controlling the motor, servos and most importantly 2.4G Receiver. I disassembled the Power System and removed the power system out of the model and was shocked to see a NO NAME ESC without any indication that it is a Switching Type of ESC nor did it have any external BEC soldered adjacent to it.

Of course they (NitroPlanes) are not open during the weekend so, I could not verify if the ESC that came with this model is in fact a Switching or not.

Not to take any chances, I opened a drawer and found exactly what I needed consisting of:

1. One (1) Castle Creations BEC PRO.
2. One (1) Maxx Products 2-ESC -to- Battery Harness with Deans.
3. Six (6) Inch Servo extension.
4. Male Ultra Deans Connector.

Disassembled the STOCK Power System from the Model:

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Posted by PittSpecial | Jun 21, 2011 @ 02:10 AM | 8,146 Views
Hello good people!

Okay, I can not believe it has been since October 3rd, 2009 that I have not touched nor flown this wonderful Citabria lady! Time passes and you walk pass the model and I always say that I would get to her etc..etc.. and you know how Life gets in the way of our passion and joy.

Here is why she has been grounded.

You will see two pictures that David Hart (dwhart24) took on that wonderful morning at East Orlando RC Association (EORCA) back in October 3rd, 2009. I had no idea that smooth hard surface would make this large and docile Citabria into a wild horse on take-off and I mistakenly horsed her up before it's time and over corrected (more like I did not adjust expo) on those dang control and typical tip stall and BOOM!


Some closeup shots of what happened.

Here is my Midwest Cibrabria on the Runway at EORCA!

The Dreaded Tip Stall!

Okay, on June 17th and wee early morning hours of June 18th, 2011, I finally dedicated a few hours to this large Citabria and made a damage assessment review.

Looking back on that morning of October 3rd, 2009, I concluded that the Tail Wheel that came with this model (The previous owner and builder did not provide a large enough tail wheel size) and of course I take full responsibility over not having enough expo on controls. This tiny tail wheel more like for 25 size glow application did well on grass field but, not on smooth pavement as...Continue Reading
Posted by PittSpecial | Jun 10, 2011 @ 10:50 AM | 8,689 Views
Thanks David for selling me one of the best Warbirds I have own to date!

The FOR SALE THREAD where I acquired this model:

No one at Moon Port Modelers RC Club this morning thought it was a USED Bf-109 and everyone enjoyed watching it fly and most importantly watching it how it came for landing!

Flight manners are just fantastic and of course it does not have flaps but, the slow flight characteristics of this model is better than my FMS P-51D Mustang any day!

Take of was indeed needing some RIGHT RUDDER as it slightly veered off to the Left on my very first flight (I flew this model for 3 wonderful and relaxing flights). The subsequent take-offs only required a slight Right Rudder as I applied a slow and gradual Throttle input and it went level and straight run and lifted off nothing over 1/2 throttle.

Two (2) words........BABY DOLL!

It is a very relaxing model to fly and several at the RC Club was fighting over it like I was selling it. I said NO WAY JOSE, IT IS NOT FOR SALE!

Each landing was without any power and it glided in with realism and grace and everytime the model touch down kissing the top of grass blades and slow and short run out!

Some pictures after 3 flights!

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Posted by PittSpecial | Jun 09, 2011 @ 11:20 PM | 6,946 Views
Now who put that Ugly Palm Tree there!

Well guys,

I really did it and very Embarrassing to say the least!

Was flying at my new RC Club and my buddy did in fact come with his nice Digital Camera and as he was approaching to the flight line I had already been flying the model for perhaps 3 minutes and decided to bring it down lower so, he could capture some neat closeup views of the model as it passed close.

This club has this one lonely palm tree at the edge of a pond and would you know it that I just did not think the model was coming anywhere close to it and BAM!

The model actually landed on this Palm tree and had enough momentum that it came up and over the freaking palm tree and slid downwards nose first on the ground. Certainly, my good buddy Gerry (simano) was kind enough not to take any pictures of the sort and instead came over to help me along with another good friend Ed (Ed eFlyer) to pick up the pieces. Fortunately, the pieces were large and not in itty bitty sticks!

Last night (Wednesday late evening to Thursday early morning) I performed an all "nighter" to repair my beloved model and I was amazed that it turned out very well, if I can say so myself.

A few pictures!

First, I tackled the main structure brace where the wing securing piece will be glued later:

Second, I went ahead and repaired the frontal FUSE bracing to make sure the FUSE structure will be maintained straight as I continue to glue the other smaller...Continue Reading
Posted by PittSpecial | Jun 01, 2011 @ 09:36 PM | 6,591 Views
Good morning All!

Last night NASA rolled its last space shuttle stack and Atlantis out to Pad 39A for its STS-135 mission (Last one for Space Shuttle Program).

Of all the times I have been in the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) and on the launch pads, seeing the Orbiters up close, I never thought of a last time.

Last night was the last time.

From home we could see the roll out on TV and the west side of the VAB, it rolled out the VAB east side.

The last time a space shuttle will be on the launch pad…

Also, super early this morning, I witnessed Space Shuttle Endeavour’s last landing. It crossed the equator before landing! At 28 degrees north latitude, the equator is a long way from here in a jet aircraft! It was approaching at the speed of a rocket! The twin sonic booms sounded like my neighbors fired two large cannons in rapid fire and the sound rolled for a long time over the river such as loud thunder clap does.

Once Endeavour landed on the runway you could see the Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) still firing and this can be seen in the NASA Landing APU picture attached.

It was helpful in seeing Endeavour for my last time as a powered up space ship.

The next time we see Endeavour it will be a museum piece.

And it is another beautiful day to be alive!

Happy day to you all!

Space Shuttle Atlantis Roll-Out to Launch Pad for the Last Time!

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