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Posted by toyjunker | Aug 08, 2008 @ 05:08 PM | 13,132 Views
In progess...

Just a quick note: 05/04/10:

Hi all! I'm still around and still flying, just not building much these days. I had several PMs from the last several months, so I apologize for being scarce around here. I've responded to most of the inquiries with the exception of the offers to buy my planes or landing gear. Sorry, they're not for sale. :0)

One of these days I'll get back to building and try to get this little how-to wrapped up, but I would suggest that if you haven't seen it yet, you check out fighter_ace06's posts here. His work is Superb!

And don;t miss dglo's unbelievable bird here. The tail gear is mind blowing. :0)

Happy flying everyone!

This entry will detail how I make the functional Piper Cub Landing gear that I have used on my Super Cubs. The set on my 46 Hobby Lobby Super Cub has held up better than I expected, and served as a test bed which resulted in a couple of improvements. Ive built a set for the 52 Tritle Super Cub, and am starting the set for the next project which is Pats L-4.

Im kind of getting off to a backwards start. I wanted to show the shock struts first since I had promised an RCG member Id detail them for him. Ill add more on the process as I go and will probably change the order as I add things.

Starting with the shock struts

1 - Pieces cut to length.
To start, each strut consists of two pieces of aluminum tube and two pieces of CF rod. The long piece of CF rod is inserted into the long AL tube and...Continue Reading
Posted by toyjunker | Jul 28, 2008 @ 02:50 PM | 13,834 Views
If you like bush planes, you just gotta have a big fat pair of Trexlers hanging off your landing gear. However, for scale appearance Trexlers are way too wide. If you look at full scale bush wheels they are definitely big and fat, but they are much more narrow than a Trexler of the appropriate scale height. So here is a description of how I narrow my Trexlers. The following numbered description corresponds with the pics in order below. Please feel free to ask any questions if anything is unclear or confusing.

The Trexlers that I have narrowed for my current 52 Super Cub project went from 2.3 wide to 1.7 You can probably go narrower, as long as you have a good seam when youre done. I have done this to a couple of sets of 11-G Trexlers so far. The G denotes that the larger sizes are intended for glow/fuel planes and they are of a thicker rubber than the smaller Trexlers. I have not tried this with any of the smaller sizes (Ill give it a shot soon) but it I know it works well on the larger thicker sizes.

Note that once you narrow the tires the original hubs will no longer fit. Youll have to create new narrow hubs, or narrow the original wooden hubs to fit.

Start with:
  • a pair of Trexlers
  • a bicycle inner tube repair kit (mine came from Target for about $2).
Youll use the scraper and the cement from the repair kit, but not the patches.
1. Pull the tire off the wooden hub. On one side of the inner hole of the tire, look for the seam where the two sides are
...Continue Reading
Posted by toyjunker | Jul 20, 2008 @ 08:16 PM | 21,057 Views
Update 9/17/08 - Progress Thoughts:
Mowed the strip today and put in two flights with the 2s 800 tonight. I'm liking this setup much better than 3s. I have some 910 mAh TP's on back-order, plus I"ll pick up some more EVO Lites when they arrive at the LHS.

Maidened on 9/7/08: Flew great. Needs a little trim work but I'll sort that out after some more stick time. Floats beautifully, flies slow... like a Cub. Videos of the maiden and other flights today are on my YouTube page and the larger versions are here. Pics of the day's other flights below.

Miscellaneous notes on the build & flying:

Update 9/10/08:
Flying with the EVO Lite 2s 800 and an APC 10x7 SF prop now. Combined with a little weight reduction in the wiring, the plane is an ounce lighter at 20 oz. Flies beautifully, of course. No reserve power to speak of, but plenty for a good scale 'bush plane' pullout from the touch & gos Flies level under 3/4 throttle. Climbs fine with a little more than 3/4 up to full, but definitely no grunt like the 3s, of course.

Update 9/8/08:

Looks like the FlightPower EVO Lite 3s 800 packs will do fine. Flew three more packs for seven minutes each last night and they're taking about 350-360 mA back. So I should be able to do safe 12 minute flights with a little pad.

I added a touch more right thrust for the evening flights and I think it is dead on. The down thrust is good as is.

I had the ailerons set up with about 2:1 differential, about 3/4" up throws and no...Continue Reading
Posted by toyjunker | Aug 12, 2007 @ 09:14 PM | 11,529 Views
Not exactly to the letter, but definitely in the the spirit of the Diddlebugs Scale Style thread, here is my 24" Diddle-ish PA-18 Super Cub.

- AUW: 3.2 oz
- Eflite Park 180 BL
- GWS 6050 prop
- LightFlight 200mah 2s
- CC Thunderbird 6
- Spectrum AR6000 w/o case
- 2x Cirrus 101
- pull-pull rudder
- 1 1/2" bush wheels

I know Diddles are supposed to be simple flat sheet construction... but I just can't build a PA-18 without the curved cowl and nose bowl. The cowl just makes the plane.

It flies very well so far. Only a few flights in to fiddle with the CG. Its a little on the breezy side (3-5 mph) for such small craft right now, but so far so good.

Posted by toyjunker | Jul 16, 2007 @ 09:50 PM | 12,179 Views
I picked this one up on clearance while Tower was getting rid of all their UF stock. I was kind of looking for something to help satisfy my occasional urges to do loops, rolls and miscellaneous yank & bank flying. I'm far from being an accomplished aerobatic or 3d flyer, and I really don't want to be either, but sometimes I need a break from flying scale-ish cubs in a scale-ish manner.

The kit came with the A/30/29 brushless and gearbox, so thats what I used. Running the same CSRC 1500 3s lipos that my HL Cub uses, along with an Ultrafly Apollo 25 amp esc. I used a 4mm carbon tube in the wing instead of the fibreglass rod that came with the kit. The paint is Testor's Model Master rattle can enamel.

I had read that some folks flying this plane with lipos and BLs had had to use weight to balance it. In anticipation of that, I moved the tail servos up into the cockpit area, instead of using the stock locations farther back in the fuse. As it turned out, my battery location had to be right over the CG, instead of farther forward as I had expected.

I also added the landing gear that you see in the pics, but it has since been removed. My grass flying field is just a little too rough for that type of gear on a foam plane. I could ROG just fine, but a few landings showed wear and tear very quickly. Without the gear, the plane hand launches beautifully. I'm still getting the hang of the low speed behavior, so for now landings consist of a semi-controlled stall over tall grass.
...Continue Reading
Posted by toyjunker | Mar 05, 2007 @ 12:40 PM | 14,171 Views
3/4/07 - Maidened my Hobby Lobby Super Cub!

Even though mine is not a clipped wing version, the build and pics are buried in the "Hobby Lobby Super Cub--clipped wing" thread in Parkflyers. That thread has been the most active lately so I tagged on. Hope to have some much better in-flight pics soon.

The basic info:
Hobby Lobby Super Cub - an older Pat Tritle design

AUW 24 oz.
Ultrafly Model E/10/10 Motor w/Apollo 25A ESC
APC 9x6 SF prop
FlightPower EVO 25 1200 3s
6 x e-flight S75 servos: Ailerons (2), Flaps (2), Rudder, Elevator
Curtek Lighting System
Dimension Engineering Park BEC
Spekrum DX-6 & AR6000 receiver
White AeroFilm (SolarFilm) and Red AeroTrim (SolarTrim)
This is only the second balsa plane I've built for RC, and my third RC plane. I went a little nuts with it, but I like scale-ishness and just had to have flaps and ailerons. The kit was originally designed for 3-channel and the intended AUW with NiMH was 21 oz. My full house version came out porky at 24 oz, but it flies wonderfully IMHO. I was going for the bush plane look and function, hence the big Trexlers. I fly from a rough grassy cow pasture right next to my house, so the bush wheels are actually practical for me.

I also built scale working gear with functional bungees. The gear and the big Trexlers really smooth out the rough ground.

The gear is mainly CF rod. The joints are fishmouthed with a Demmel, then braced/gusseted with spruce and in some places sandwiched...Continue Reading
Posted by toyjunker | Jun 29, 2006 @ 06:51 PM | 14,351 Views
Since I'm actually using this blog space for something useful,I thought I'd add some info on my converted Guillows Fairchild 24.

The build and more pics are in the Guillows Fairchild 24 thread started by Konrad.

I built this craft as a practice run before I started in on the HL Super Cub kit. The blue covering is AeroFilm (SolarFilm) and the white accents are sign vinyl.

I originally had three servos crammed in there for Rudder, Elevator, and ailerons. The ailerons worked well, but I've since taken the aileron servo out and fixed the ailerons in place. It now flies R/E/T. I'm using GWS IPS 5:1, IIRC and a Pixie 7 esc. Batteries are 3s 250 mAh ETECs.

I just finished re-doing my wing mounts to repair some accumulated wear, and added some N numbers that were cut by Callie Graphics. Will post updated pics soon (eventually) .