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Posted by leonard3k | Mar 25, 2018 @ 06:36 PM | 3,281 Views
Hi, finally got something up here as blog
First blog and will add and edit, like a living document, please don't be offended if I delete something, will try to keep this short and neat like a manual

Fun flier 3 cell 12v power using LIFE batteries, thrust for fav 3508q and similar is 2 to 3 pounds
Here the first chart 3508q planned for wind either using 12x8 bush plane, 10x7 faster warbird, or 8x6 for a quiet prop jet

The charts say it all too, text cannot be shifted in a pic! See how you like this idea, the chart is for HPdLRK wye only, 2x wire current spec

Easy way to figure new turns for a new kv using old wind of same type, you can also use turn calculator, and see on the bottom of wind diagram, how each wind type relates by what multiples or numbers

An earlier wind HPdLRK wye 14 turns 1105 kv
14 x 1105 = 15470 product
divide product by desired kv and see what's close and divide by turns to zero in on predicted kv from turns
15470 product / 22 turns = 703 kv

motor wound w 22awg hpdlrk wye good for 256 watts or a bit over 3 pounds thrust (10.668amps x 2 = 21.336tot amps x 12v = 256 watts)

The low kv winds will likely need 22awg, stuffed it full on 26.5 turns and missed 5 turns on a 586 wind, so we can guess about increasing size as turns decrease

I really like the diagram system I use, think about it, circled numbers are counter clockwise

This link explains more about this diagram method:

https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show...-parallel-...Continue Reading