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Posted by Teammuir1 | Mar 01, 2017 @ 08:30 PM | 4,168 Views
Well the day had come were a decision needed to be made.... It was time for me to Jump in with both feet and not look back ....
I have fellow Rc'r that I have flown with for some time now that fly Jets... and have been asked why I haven't jumped
the fence yet.... So its a perfect time in my life now and I not only Jumped but I feel like I leaped lol. I am purchasing
2 jets... the first one is on a container ship as I write this and will not be here until late april or early may. Its the
BAE HAWK 1/3.65 scale
I have EDF's Taft Viper version 3.... Free Wing Su-34...
The second jet will be the (NAVY) EPO V3 SUPER VIPER.
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