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Posted by Zimodile | Sep 30, 2006 @ 03:32 PM | 4,058 Views
Got the Scoot build up during the week and couldn't resist painting on two real big "invasion stripes" on the underside of the wings. Anyway, not being very experienced I had some tredipation about this one... Anyway, got to the field, and checked the throws were nice and easy, and gave her a good hard throw to check the glide. Dived in fairly abruptly, so adjusted in some up elevator trim, did a few more glides, getting smoother and smoother (more to deal with my confidence issues than the aircraft's trim!). Then after some gentle taunting by the wife, banged upon the throttle and gave her a good throw. On the stock power system, she climbed out nicely and - wow! - my first aircraft that an out and out powered ship rather than a powered glider of some sort - it's fun! Needs very careful management of altitude though, and she's not the best powered of aircraft, but that's OK - just need to think ahead a little bit. I think that the trims aren't the whole story though, as she climbs on high throttle with no up elevator, but when power is shut, goes into a bit of a dive which need pulling out from. So I think that perhaps she needs some downthrust which would enable me to remove some of the down trim necessary to maintain level powered flight. However, the only thing that's a little odd is that the elevator is visibly trimmed up already, with the CG bang on to stock settings. Incidence relationship? Not really prepared to go into that on an aircraft of this type, but I think that there's some experimentation and learning to be done by playing with the downthrust settings and trim.

But to summarise, very much easier to fly than I was expecting - easy really, but fun to see something moving along at a bit more of a rate than usual! FOr sure now I'm going to be practicing those fast low flybys! Definitely need to get that downthrust/ trim relationship sorted for that sort of caper!

Have a good weekend's flying all...

Posted by Zimodile | Sep 25, 2006 @ 08:29 AM | 4,180 Views
Well - Sunday was a good day's flying... Had to wait until the wind had died down around 1730 and then got the Rondie up after having secured the wing rather better - found that the angle of incidence had increased somewhat thanks to a poorly secured wing mount. That explained the unpredictable behaviour in the last flight, I think... Anyway, she was great. Even got onto high rates this time, and did a few Immelmans and reverse Immelmans as well as some fast low passes with climb outs w 90 degree banks on the way out. Love that manoeuvre... Anyway, after 3 succesful flights, the dumb gene struck again. Tried to get that last one wrung out of the battery, and had the BEC get me. Lost the motor whilst turning into the wind low level - didn't have the power to climb for the turn, and stalled her mid turn at low level - not much damage though, so not too much of a worry! Although I have to say that the wing is definitely looking past it's best despite the various repairs. I'm going to try and convert it from being a screw fixed wing to being an elastic band fixed wing as this may suit my current "flying style" better! Otherwise, it's time for a new wing and lots of concentration, as I think now that provided I stick to the non-stupid rules (like no twilight flying and no flying on a debatable battery charge) I should be able to keep her in good condition.

Anyway, despite the daft dink, I'm feeling rather encouraged towards trying out the Space Scooter in the near future. So I'm aiming to get her all ready for the weekend, and then take a deep breath and give her the heave ho into the wild blue yonder.

Hope that you all had a good weekends flying...

Posted by Zimodile | Sep 24, 2006 @ 06:19 AM | 4,135 Views
Well apart from anything else, she's turned into a bit of a grumpy old horse - not surprising given the ineptitude that she's had to put up with. Anyway, got her up yesterday in a bit too much wind - ground level - and then once up to some height, discovered that pesky "wind gradient" thing. She was getting blown all over the place! Added to which, I was trying a new prop aimed at getting some more revs out of an overpropped set up, which turned out to be rather lack-lustre to say the least.

Anyway, turned out to be a great experience, as once I had decided that we needed to land, I had to get her back from downwind, and thought several times that I had lost any chance of getting her back. However, finally got her back over the field, and managed a smooth landing. Hurrah! But she's definitely developed some nasty habits which don't (at lerast to me) seem particularly predictable. Figure that this is possibly good for my development as a relative beginner? Certainly makes flying a bit more of a challenge... Any thoughts on that? Or do you all think that it's just better to have a predictable aircraft and learn by seeing predictable response to input rather than having to react to what the aircraft does... Thanks for any advice, all...

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Posted by Zimodile | Sep 22, 2006 @ 12:52 PM | 4,297 Views
... a deal! So I'm now the owner of a Multiplex Space Scooter, purchased at the entirely reasonable figure of 20 from www.modelspot.com. I'll have her together over the weekend, and hopefully get her up in the air to see if I'm yet ready for such a tasty looking swept wing thing! Hopefully if I'm not, I shall be saved by the marvellous EPP foam to which we all probably owe a fortune.

Posted by Zimodile | Sep 22, 2006 @ 03:13 AM | 4,073 Views
Right - it's Friday, finally! The Rondie is ready to go - her batteries are on charge... So hopes are high for a succesful weekends flying... BUT - it's a little windy over here right now, and being a lady, she doesn't like her skirt getting blown up all that much, so not a great idea to fly in windy conditions. Therefore the burning question is, despite prior experience, is there any chance that sense can get the better of enthusiasm? Will I need to earn more "don't do that, stupid" type experience? Can I fly the Rondie through the goal posts at the field as unscathed as the Easystar? Answers to follow soon, if anyone's following!

Take care all...
Posted by Zimodile | Sep 21, 2006 @ 09:58 AM | 4,383 Views
Well, here's my notes on getting started from a beginner's point of view... Old childhood dream to own an RC aircraft, so here we are at 33 years of age, and ready to get on with it.

First off I purchased a mid-wing Fournier powered glider type aircraft - called the Rond Loper - a most handsome ARF thing 58" span with a 4 channel set-up! It's set up with a 480 motor and a 27mhz set in the kit. At this point, no advice had been taken from anyone! Tut tut... Anyway, got everything ready to go, did a few 20ft test glides in the back yard, and went off down to the park with maximum trepidation. The predictable happened with these kind of inexpensive 27mhz kits - got down there, managed a couple of straight flights, just glide then down, and then with a bit of power then down (i.e. lots of walking!!!) and then the speed controller burnt out. My wife was holding the aircraft at the time (thankfully in the right way) and then the motor just spooled up for full juice with no input from the Tx. So disconnect, back home BUT with an aircraft in one piece!!! Can you imagine though, if that occurred in flight? Once the speed controller burnt out, the Rx wouldn't take any commands either, so it just would have toddled off into the wide blue yonder.

So I figure that now I need to learn a little about this and that, and set about educating myself properly. Read some bits from the BMFA website (British Model Flyer Assoc - very informative) discovered my local hobby shop in...Continue Reading