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Hi fellow RC fanatics =)

I thought I'd share my FPV and RC electornics related ups and downs (plenty of those).

Let's start with a down
I killed my Mobius the last time I when flying with my friends at an abandon factory...
The first attempt was fatal for the mobius, even though I barely had any speed and I didn't break a single prop on the quad...
Oh well, Yi cam, your up...

That is a GREAT spot. I'll visit that place a gain for sure...

End of a mobius (1 min 0 sec)

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8 pellets, 7 into the 2 holes on the left.
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So this is a new 'selfie' type quad from Hubsan, that claims it can shoot at 1080P.
You can currently get it cheapest here (no affiliate link):
And use the code RM4223WRT to get it for $90 (cheaper than BG and GB).

Knowing Hubsan this could be quite good, however it can only be controlled over WiFi with your phone, which is always a drawback.
What do you guys think?

Here are the specs:

Wifi FPV transmission with 100m long range.
HD camera for 720P real time image transmission and 1080P video recording.
About 10 minutes flight time.
Failsafe function to auto return if the power is too low or lose control.
One-key return, one-key takeoff/landing, point of interest and waypoints full functional.
Gravity sensor control and follow me function easy for selfie.
Buit-in GPS for precise hover, waypoints and auto-return.

Brand name: Hubsan
Item name: H507A
Controller: Cell phone APP control
Camera resolution: 1920 * 1080P recording and 720P real-time image
Motor Type: Coreless Motor
Functions: Automatically Following, Forward/backward, FPV, Headless Mode, Low-voltage Protection, One Key Automatic Return, One Key Taking Off, Point of Interest, Turn left/right, Up/down, Waypoints, WiFi Connection
Built-in Gyro: 6 Axis Gyro
Transmission Distance: 100m
Battery: 7.4V 550mAh LiPo
Flying Time: 10mins
Charging Time: about 90 mins
Item dimension: 225 * 225 * 60mm
Item weight: 162g
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I have a propel tilt a large toy class quadcopter and was amazed how much the propeller screws break at the gear shaft tube hole the other half of the screw is very difficult to get out because the screw dose not go all the way through. Good thing every time a prop screw broke I was at a grassy field. The solution I came up with is to abandon the use of self tapping screws and use micro miniature bolts something that will be thicker and go all the way through. I measured what bolts were needed figured I would start with the smaller size first an M1.2x8 mm this size fits perfect if this size dosnt hold next size up is a M1.4x8 mm then I will need to tap through the gear shaft hole. The drill bit size I used is a #57 in a mini drill chuck thats attached to a small DC motor I didnt want to use a heavier rotary tool. Pictures attached

Large toy class quadcopters affected:

Yizhan Tarantula X6
Yizhan iDrone i8H
JJRC H16, X6
Propel Spyder XL
Propel Tilt
Helic max 1327
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Since I was provided with an area to blog here, I figured this is a good of place as any to start one. So I am an avid RC enthusiast, but only things that fly no cars or boats, as they don interest me. I have had the opportunity to get to build various multi-rotors for paying clients , and I still do.

The coolest build I've done so far was for a ridiculously rich couple whom are friends of my family. It was a fully professional quality 900 size AP Hex by ALIGN with an ALIGN G3-GH Gimbal for a Panasonic GH4 DSLR Camera. I went the whole ten yards and decked that thing out for them, they dropped in excess of $15,000 dollars on parts alone. I got a sweet payday from that one! Name: AlignHex1.jpg
Views: 0
Size: 4.0 KB
Description: Align Hex without Gimbal

The same couple also had me build them a smaller AP hex that they could use in smaller areas. The brought me a DJI F550 frame and a Naza v1. I told them to make this the best I could we would need to buy alot of additional Items, so they told me price wasn't an issue and to get everything needed.Name: f550.jpg
Views: 0
Size: 12.4 KB
Description: Full Autonomous DJI F550 Flamewheel Making a long story short I developed it into a fully autonomous machine with a Zenmuse GoPro4 gimbal, Gimbal controller, PMU, CAN bus, BT module, DataLink, and VTX. To supplement that I got a new iPad, and Groundstation. It was a well performing machine, which is still their main workhorse....Continue Reading
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HI there. I hope someone can help me.... I am desperately looking for plans for the Robin Jodel rc model for my dad. I have been on so many websites and they have all other plans to download except the Robin Jodel.
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If there is a chance to win the high quality Jump starter for free,would you be interested in it?

Do you use Jump starter to power on your car once the battery is dead?Appreciate any kinds of answers.
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Redcat Ground Pounder First Bash On 3S LiPo - RC Shock Therapy Monster Truck (2 min 15 sec)

I took the Redcat Ground Pounder Amsoil Shock Therapy monster truck out for its first bash. It is completely stock with a 3s LiPo battery to give it some extra punch and speed. The 4 wheel steering was harder than I expected to get used to. It was super cool though. The added speed of the 3S didn't help with the 4 wheel steer control. The run ended when one of the wheel nuts came off because I had only hand tightened them for the unboxing. Oops!!!

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Not sure if there are many European drivers,but still want people to see Gens ace Team Driver Burak Kilic made an tremendous success to land in A-main during his first EOS drive. First time,then he got in,.That is some talent,isn't it?

More results pls check

Wish all the drivers good luck in new year,new racing season has arrived.
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I was flying FPV close to the ground when my drone just dropped suddenly. I never lost connection with the camera and the LED's stay on. Further examination found out it was the flight controllers death. It won't even power up with a USB.
I'm wondering how common this is and what in the world could have caused it.

Drone details:
Eachine Racer 250
FC: Customized Version F3 Racing Deluxe 10D for ER250 link
Battery: Turnigy Nano-Tech 1500mah 3S 35~70C link
Suspect Wiring (see pic): LC filter coming off of 12v supply on rear LED. 16v 1000mF capacitor.
I had to do the LC filter because when I shorted out a camera I also fried the 12v supply on the PDB. I flew for around 10-20 flights after the short and more than half of those were with the LC filter.

So, I'm wondering what the probable cause of FC death was:
A. The short on the PDB which caused smoke when it happened. Could this cause damage later somehow?!?! [I just received my replacement for this]
B. The home made LC filter. Perhaps I did the wiring wrong... [Future issues removed with the new PDB. No need for custom LC filter.]
C. The reality that this customized Flip32 board is a clone and thus less quality.

Anyone experience a random FC death before? Anyone have an opinion?
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Hello everyone
Wellcome to my blog.
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Here the collection of pictures of my Vkar Bison and Helion Select Four 10TR starting from the day I received the Bison. I have also included the videos of my son driving the Bison in the snow. Reading
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Howdy Gang-

Today I am looking at a new quad from Syma - this one is the X20 "Pocket Drone".

First - Thanks to Banggood for providing this model for review. I appreciate their supports, and their willingness to give samples for unbiased reviews.

Get it here -

Details from -
Brand Name: Syma
Item NO.: X20
Color: White, Black
Frequency : 2.4G
Channel : 4CH
Gyro:6 Axis
Battery for Quadcopter: 3.7V 180mAh Li-poly(Included)
Transmitter Battery: 4 x AA battery(Not included)
Charging Time : About 50 mins(USB charging)
Flying time : About 5 minutes
Controlling distance:About 20 meters
Product size:10.5*10.5*2.5cm
Box Size:25*15*5cm

With Altitude hold mode can set hight.
With Headless Mode,no need to adjust the position of aircraft before flying
6-Axis gyro quad-rotorcraft flight, strong stability,can easily implement various flight movements, stronger wind resistance, easier to control.
4 Channel which can do ascend, descend, forward, backward, left sideward fly, right sideward fly and rolling 360
Lightweight airframe with nice durability
One Key Take off & Landing, one press automatically taking off or landing, rc quadcopter will take off or go back to the position where it took off.
The creatively designed LED lights are fitted for night flight possibilities, leaving a beautiful landscape in the night sky.

Function: Up / down / left
...Continue Reading
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Hi, i just finished my Corsair .60 kit. i used Eflite 60 size servoless rotating retracts, Turnigy 400 Kv motor, 6500 mHa 6 cel Batery, 16x10x3 Master airscrew prop, Cockpit Kit, Dummy radial engine....Continue Reading
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UAV Data Storage Requirements:

Reliability in Harsh Environments
24h/7 reconnaissance & Data Acquisition
Support for Streaming Video & Large Data Storage
Secure Erase
Power loss protection
High endurance

Renice 3U VPX Storage Solution
6U VPX (12TB)
SATAIII protocol
Continuous/Steadysequential: 500/500MB/s
Highendurance (MTBF>4,000,000 hours)
Resistant to shock, vibration and fretting corrosion.
Patented rBackupTechnology
Data Security (Encryption & Erasion)
Operation Temp.: -40 to 85C

Renice X9 Military SATA Storage Solution
SATA 6Gbps
Capacity 1TB
Read/Write 550/500MB/s
Read/Write IOPS 60K/70K
Low power consumption
Shock and vibration resistance
Over Voltage Protection
Quick Erase
r-Backup Power Protection Technology
Operation Temp.:-40C ~ +85C
Rugged Housing
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Check out the new Eachine F14 RatingKing 1/14 4x4 FPV Buggy! Eachine has been making FPV quadcopters for quite a while now, but this new buggy marks their first foray into land based FPV rigs.

My RatingKing just arrived today, and while I haven't gotten much of a chance to do anything with it just yet, I did get a couple pictures to get this mini review started. The first thing I noticed about the buggy is that it has a nice quality look, and feel to it. The second thing that jumped out at me is just how wrong I think they got the scale. They call it 1/14, but if you ask me it is closer to 1/12, and might even be on the large side of the 1/12 scale. Here are a few pics of it next to my 1/14 Tacon Soar buggy. The RatingKing dwarfs it!

...Continue Reading
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I need a cowl for my Lanier Fokker D-7-Let me know if you have one.
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For anyone who may be interested. Enjoy!


Tis better to FPV and crash than never to FPV at all!