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Eachine E33W WiFi assemby and Test (7 min 8 sec)

You can order yours on :

Few days ago I received the brand new Eachine E33W WiFi FPV With Camera .
Very nice quadcopter for beginners who are entering in this hobby.. E33W has so much fatures that impressed me for this price . Features like 6-axis gyro , Headless Mode, camera , 6 Channels , one key return function works like charm . It is made very nice and plastic parts are really flexible so you do not have to worry about chrashes because plastic bents to well and it will not break easly. Driving performance are excellent and 6 axis gyro does his job great.. It is very light weight only 105g. . Nice features it that you can also operate it with the mobile phone and response is very good. Installing application WIFI-UFO from android store you can setup E33w , record,take snapshoot, and select fetures you like to use. Performance on calm wather is great but on windy days it is hard to operate with it which is reasonable because its quite light.

My conclusion is that this product from Eachine is excellent for this price ..

  • Easy to operate
  • Nice flight performance
  • Price
  • Prop guards
  • Camera 0.3px
  • Wifi remote

Camera angle is too narrow.. For fpv flight is hard to use it..

What I get in package :
1 x Eachine E33 RC Quadcopter
1 x 3.7V 450mAh battery
1 x USB charger
4 x Propeller
1 x transmitter
1 x screwdriver
1 x Phone Holder
1 x...Continue Reading
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Banggood had these @ a great price , so I thought YES !

Now the Eachine X73 has been a heck of a learning experience ....

1) First Warning = There are no INSTRUCTIONS , none ! So if like me you are noob to programming the onboard flight controller / seek help

2) You really / really / really want good batteries .. ( There is no going cheap here ) The X73 is a power HOG ! I ordered some 4 Syma X5 650mAh batteries ( also for another project = micro flying wing ) , and for some reason I got 12 of them ( ???? ) . Anyhow , I seem to be getting about 90 seconds of flight time and then the X73 falls out of the sky without warning ...

3) The X73 breaks , and breaks much easier than much cheaper micro quads ..

4) The wiring sux's hard , the + wire for the battery connector = I had to super glue it to stop the contact from backing out of the plastic plug every time I inserted a battery .. The lead for the camera is too short , it desperately needs to be 5mm Longer . The camera falls of the quad with the slightest bump and the PCB board does not stay in the plastic camera body ..

5) Programming the X73 is critical ... I run a FrSky module in my 9XR pro , the X73 needs to be armed , and the other thing you need to activate is Angle ..
Without angle active do not attempt to fly indoors ...

In the pictures I have included a few things I changed to make the X73 more indoor friendly .
PID Tuning
RC Rate I changed mine to 0.50
Super Rate Mine...Continue Reading
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Here is my video review of Kingkong Tiny6, 6mm motors micro fpv brushed Quadcopter.
KINGKONG TINY6 65mm Micro FPV Quacopter - Unboxing - Test - First PID Tuning (10 min 45 sec)

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Cheerson CX 70 (2 min 30 sec)

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Last weekend, Evelyn and I spent three days at Free Flight gathering in Lost Hills, CA and it was AMAZING!!!

For many of us in this hobby, we started flying rubberband powered models, then progressed to control line and finally RC. The world of free flight model aviation is a lot bigger than I ever imagined and very exciting. Evelyn and I have made it our personal mission to do what we can to help spread the word about free flight since we truly owe the pioneers and those who continue to keep free flight modeling so much, for their contributions to model aviation.

Here's a letter I wrote to our new friends in the free flight community:
First, I would like to say what a thrill it was for my daughter Evelyn and I to spend time with all of you. Thank you for making us feel welcome and a part of the free flight community. Each of you represent the very best of model aviation and inspire us to share your passion for free flight with those who've never experienced or understand the various sides of the hobby. I'm hoping through the power of photography, videos, and personal experiences to bring more attention to your amazing world of free flight. The statement that was repeated by many of you was, "Our hobby is slowly dying!" Needless to say, I think we all would like that to change or at least be prolonged through our efforts to keep promoting and reaching out to those who may not have been exposed to this part of model aviation.

To do my part, I mailed off a...Continue Reading
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There is probably a simple
Answer to my question but every time I make any changes in betaflight the changes save but then I am disconnected from the GUI. I have an omnibus F3, VCP. Any ideas? TIA
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coming soon to my youtube channel...
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Finally got a 450. It looks smaller than I imagined it to be hehe blades balanced perfectly !? Cog needs to be checked. I assembled some parts to have a look at it. Tail is the next job. I dont like the Jesus bolt nut. Tho..

The blades look big tho, its labeled 345mm
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It was Johnny Cash who once sang Folsom Prison Blues although it can be said he never thought of drone pilots in mind when writing this tune. More recently, with Canada and more lately China, drone pilots can have strict fines or penalties. Such is the case of Tony Lin, a college student in China who spent time behind bars for flying in an area considered a no fly zone.

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So I took another big step forward today and ordered my motors and ESCs.

I ordered (six) "SunnySky V3508-29 KV380" motors from BuddyRC
and (one) "Kensun Power Distribution Board with 5V 12V Output"

I opted for the free shipping because well, I'm still months away from first flight.

That came to about $166.. I almost went for the SunnySky V3508-20 KV580s but in the end I decided to get the slower motors, I'm not looking for speed, I want to lift cameras and get max flight time.

I really don't know WTH I'm doing yet but I read a LOT and watch tons of youtube videos.

The other thing I ordered today was my ESCs. I ordered (three) of the "XRotor PRO 40A ESC (Dual Pack)" which of course gives me six ESCs.
I chose the standard long wire version. I plan to mount them on the main body.
That cost me about $146.

And that's all the money I can spend this month.

Next month I am going to order the props and some of the smaller electronics and probably the retractable landing gear.
I need to keep it below $300 a month.
A few weeks ago the Frsky M9 hall effect gimbals came in and I put them in my Taranis X9D Plus. That was pretty easy.
I calibrated them as far as I could using the built in calibration option. I suppose there is a better, more precise way to do it but I'll worry about that when the time comes. It came with an X8R.

I've decided that I'm going to stick to 100% open source stuff. That rules out DJI/NAZA...Continue Reading
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As some of you know I have been very critical of having to wait to almost 2 years for a "Pre-Ordered" product. Soloshot claims that this was not a crowd sourcing venture. But last time I checked it doesnt take almost 2 years for a pre-order to be released.

Soloshot3 Update Video Review Part 2 - DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT (7 min 55 sec)

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Time to build my ARC Great Lakes biplane from modeltech. Picked this kit up a few months back as I love biplanes. In my usual manner and in the excitement of getting a fairly unique biplane I clicked the buy button before doing my research. I wasn't able to find much but when I did the reviews weren't very good. Most complained of poor handling... ugh! Further research brought me to a post where the fellow had good luck by adjusting the incidence of the main wings to fit more in line with a typical biplane.

This plane was built for IC so mods would have to be made for electric. Most importantly an access hatch for swapping batteries. I haven't decided on a power setup yet but pretty sure I'll go 4S. Initially I am thinking a nice heavy Cobra C-4120/14 710K motor weighing in at just under 300 grams. The plan is to get the plane assembled without covering then get a rough idea of how much weight I'll need in the nose to get it to balance at the aft point.

I started assembly a few days back and got the lower wing mounted last evening so time to do an initial incidence check of the wing. I got the rear h-stab temporarily mounted and checked to find that it is parallel to the thrust line. With it level I checked incidence on the wing and was at -1 degrees. Ugh! Shimmed it 3/16" at the trailing edge and was able to get it to 0. So now time to build up the wing bed. Ideally on most aerobatic bipes I's want +.5 but the plane will start to look goofy to get that. The wings are a symmetrical airfoil so this plane may be better tuned for a 0-0-0-0 configuration. I think I'll still put -.5 on the top wing when it comes time.
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One of my clubmates captured this nice shot of me flying my 60 edge.
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hey guys!
finaly able to make some video's of my bee 90!!
i used:
syma x11 fc
7mm motors
380 mah 1s lipo
Bee 90 frame
fpv footage bee 90mm (syma x11 fc) (2 min 6 sec)

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We race a DJI Phantom 4 Pro and a DJI Mavic Pro to see which is faster!
Phantom vs Mavic - Which is Faster? (6 min 59 sec)