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Posted by TinkleWid | Mar 30, 2019 @ 12:14 PM | 3,559 Views
🐢🐢🐢 Frozen Caddx Turtle Issues 🐢🐢🐢

Not been flying lately apart to sort out some random black screen issues with my Caddx Turtle V2. However, I think I have found the cause of the problem. It appears to be the black plastic spacers I use to mount the Caddx Turtle are too large for the board. They push against various components on the board and when these are out of place they can cause the camera to display a black fpv screen with osd. There are many people that have this issue. I have resolved mine temporarily by removing 2 of the spacers from the top of the board. We shall see how long this works.

Apart from that.....some days the fingers don't seem to be working ! They warm up and then freeze again. Just a quick video to remember some of the uncool and funny moments. As nice as they are none of these images made the final cut.

Saving the Caddx Turtle v2 (after random freezes) 🐢 Benny Hill vs Apocalypse Now (2 min 58 sec)

The latest firmware now is January 2019. Image quality and settings are unchanged and Caddx have adopted their UART protocol to one of the protocol versions that Runcam has. If so - you should connect the RX and TX pads on your Turtle V2 to unused UART Tx and RX pads on your FC. Then configure accordingly in the Ports tab in BF. However some users have reported bug so if you do not need to control when the camera record I would advise avoiding this release of the...Continue Reading