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Posted by TinkleWid | Jan 11, 2019 @ 03:13 PM | 4,037 Views
🐢 [4:3] FVP Flow Progression 🐢 Getting some Fresh Air

Note to self - Don't be lazy and try to re-arm after a big crash! Wanted to thrash 3" Props at altitude in 4:3 for the first time and what a rush !!! Lost a prop nut and prop in the process after thinking I had a lucky escape. Got my wings clipped :-) Anyway the Caddx Turtle V2 survived as well as the quad so all is good. Still loving flying in 4:3 rather than 16:9!

Caddx Turtle v2 🐢 [4:3] FVP Flow Progression 🐢 Getting some Fresh Air (3 min 41 sec)

Equipment Used:

Flying the Kwad Karl (Bando Racer 3) BR3 Frame with Caddx Turtle v2

XJB 145 build and motors https://www.banggood.com/HGLRC-Flame...18277502201801

Caddx Turtle v2 https://www.banggood.com/Caddx-Turtl...18277502201801
XM+ https://www.banggood.com/Frsky-XM-Micro-D16-SBUS-Full-

VRD2 Pro Goggle rather than the TopSKy Prime 1S

Jumper T8SG

Gemfan 3052 https://www.banggood.com/2-Pairs-Gem...18277502201801

I still think this footage is better than the output of the Runcam Split Mini 2 . It's not quite as good as as a Go Pro

Best firmware versions dated 7th September 2018

Caddx Turtle Settings: 1080p 60FPS
Wide FoV
7 saturation
1 Sharpness
5 Contrast
5 Brightness
EV -0.3
WDR on

Ensure you lower the sharpness to 0 or 1 unless using another lens

Caddx Turtle V2 is NOT ALWAYS SHIPPED WITH THE LATEST FIRMWARE 😱😱 The latest firmware is AMAZING 😱😱
(Note: How to repair a bricked Caddx Turtle with black screen)

How to repair a bricked Caddx Turtle from a firmware update

September Firmware - works with v2 and soon to be tested with v1 board https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show...5&d=1541439082

How to update Caddx Turtle firmware (step-by-step):

Caddx Turtle V2 latest Firmware Video Footage
Runcam KILLER 🐢 UPDATED Caddx Turtle v2 Latest Firmware AMAZING 🐢 RunCam Split Mini 2 FPV is DEAD (3 min 37 sec)

Wing Clipping Video Footage