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Posted by Dora Nine | May 26, 2008 @ 07:41 AM | 17,821 Views
For the longest time, I have waited to get some decent in-flight photos of my planes. Try and try as I and others might with the Sony Point and shoot, it would be crap shoot if the pic came out even half-way decent. Well, the other day I had the pleasure of taking a buddy of mine and his son out flying at my local field. Turns out he was able to get some decent shots of my Electrifly Fokker DVII. Little does he know but now he's goning to be employed to photograph the rest of my Air Force. Anyway, here are some pics. Enjoy! ...Continue Reading
Posted by Dora Nine | May 13, 2008 @ 02:20 PM | 13,687 Views
Well, I've been meaning to share pics of my Velox for some time now, but procrastination has been in the air. Anyway, my hat is off to Ben and the 3DHS team for producing such a great plane which was delivered to my house the day it was suppose to arrive in their shop! December 10th, if I remember correctly. How cool is that? It would be nice if other companies do the same, but I digress.

So far I've managed to only get a few flights on the plane, due mostly to the recent craziness in my crazy work schedule and that pesky snow that you still see some lingering in the background. I'm still working on perfecting the control throws which fit my flying style along with the CG. I hope to get that worked out soon.

My set-up is pretty much stock:

Torque 2814 outrunner
45amp Air Boss ESC
HS-65HB's all round.
Berg 7 RX
3S 2200mah TP Exteme's
Xoar 14X7 Prop
Alfa FW-190 spinner(slightly modified to fit the prop.)
3DHS control horns for the servos painted up to help match.

Here are the pics. Enjoy.