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Posted by David Wile | Mar 31, 2017 @ 06:20 PM | 6,534 Views
Hey folks,

After getting an Eleven Hobby T-28 Trojan a few weeks ago, I discovered Banggood did not always have spare props and other spare parts in stock. After attempting to mount a different three-blade prop, I found the Eleven Hobby plane used a three-bolt prop adapter which incorporated a hex nut shape milled into the face of the adapter, and the prop hub had a hex shape socket molded into its rear to fit the hex nut on the adapter. With this proprietary hex nut prop adapter, it pretty much limits one to buying stock props sold by that company only.

In an effort to find a way of using alternative and less expensive prop choices, I bought an E-flite prop adapter with an aluminum spinner and a four-blade plastic hub (Part # EFL8457) for about $10.50 plus shipping at Horizon Hobby. It is made for the E-flite P-47 Razorback and neatly replaces the stock prop adapter. Since it does not have the hex nut hub milling, it allows a large variety of other props to be used instead of the stock prop.

The Dynam 11X7 three-blade prop (DYP-1017) can be a very good and inexpensive choice ($3.60 from AliExpress & includes shipping) for this plane, but it does require a backer/spacer plate behind the prop to give clearance to the cowl. If desired, the 11 inch blades can be trimmed about a half inch to give it a nice bull nose look.

The FMS 10.5X8 four-blade prop from AliExpress is also very inexpensive at $3.64 and includes shipping. This prop looks great...Continue Reading