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Posted by decreale | Oct 23, 2017 @ 11:31 AM | 3,719 Views
Decided to buy some wings I needed for my Olympus F3a. Horizon Hobby and Motion Rc will not have the part in until next Jan. I’ve been waiting since June for the spare part. Went to buy from Hobby Gulf bad idea. They are comatose stay far away from these guys. No response as to if the part was shipped and it’s been three days. I’m thinking about putting in a compliant with my credit card company
Finally got someone on chat line. It’s been shipped I hope.
Finally received my wings. I guess these guys from Gulf Hobby are not bad
Posted by decreale | Oct 22, 2017 @ 05:01 PM | 3,592 Views
Does anyone know a place to purchase laminate for a foam wing. Can you use any laminate.
As I discovered laminate is everywhere and it comes in different millimeters. I now have tried three options on my planes. Laminate, Ecokote which is monokote for foam planes and StyroSpray 1000. Laminate is inexpensive and comes on a large roll. You most likely will not use it all. I found most of my friends used the laminate on their flying wings. It provides a strong bond easy to put on with an iron. If you are interested in painting your plane, I don’t think that will work with laminate although I have not tried it. Ecokote I used this to put 2 stripes on my wings. Went on easy you must use low heat 107C. It goes around curves easily and you can get creative decorating the plane. Finally StyroSpray 1000, it’s a water based chemical that you can put on your foam plane. There are two chemicals you mix a 1:1 ratio . You use a sponge roller to apply it. You don’t need a lot on the plane . What it does it creates a HARD shell over the foam and does not add any significant weight to the plane . You must use a water based primer before applying the product . I used Kill-Z from Home Depot. The nice thing about this is the hard shell affect and you can use any paint to decorate your plane. I used Krylon Fusion . I going with the Styro Spray 1000. Easy to put on don’t have to worry about tight curves and hard to get to places on the plane. With the styro spray just paint and paint some more. Styro spray 1000 does have an odor so don’t use it in the house and pay attention to the instruction videos . You must wear protective rubber or latex gloves. Don’t get it on your skin
Posted by decreale | Oct 10, 2017 @ 07:12 AM | 3,735 Views
I have been flying off grass for a number of years and at times the grass has been high. It takes effort to take off and land. What you donít see if you have a foam plane is the build up of damage to your landing gear let alone the plane flipping over on landings or take offs. Yes you can use your elevators to compensate but the damage to the landing gear remains. I have two planes FMS Edge and FMS F3a both with damage from taking off from grass. My advice find pavement