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Posted by decreale | Apr 11, 2017 @ 06:51 AM | 5,939 Views
Took the plane out this past weekend for the First flight. What a disaster, my CG was not correct so the plane was tail heavy. To add even more problems the plane was banking to right. I thought the plane was getting away from me and was going to lose it. Finally I put in some rudder and some how got the plane to fly back to me and was able to land it. Fixed the CG moved the battery toward the nose of the plane as far as I could adjusted the ailerons. This time I hand launched the plane took off perfectly. One problem it does not want to land. Made three passes before I actually made a perfect landing. Don't be afraid to give it down elevator to get it to land. I'm not sure why they put flaps on this plane but flaps are not needed with this plane . Tape them up and fly
Had to make a hole in the canopy and one in front of the wheel. No air flow caused the battery and esc to get very hot. Problem solved. I also added a small heat sink to the esc, cost .77 cents
I now created a little platform for my FPV camera and mounted it to the wall just behind the bubble canopy. Works perfectly. Ready to try it this weekend

Added led lights to the plane for some early evening flying. Looks great in the air. This is a fantastic plane to fly. I just sit back in my chair and fly for about 35 minutes on one battery. I changed the motor too something bigger using a mount from small rc parts. Works perfectly .
Gave the SkySurfer a face lift

My favorite plane flew away because the crap ZTW Beatles ESC crapped out. I lost connection. This hurts. Ripping out all of those ESC’s and replacing them. Will get another big glider

I decided to get a balsa glider with motor from Aloft Hobbies. You can actually do loops and other maneuvers that you cannot do with a foam plane without ripping the wings off . Flies really well