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Posted by y.takahashi | Oct 25, 2008 @ 09:21 PM | 23,375 Views
It introduces my radio controller high-speed ship model. To reproduce a high-speed ship and the running to dash in the sea, faithful reproduction of the ship type is done. It provides with "Skjold"/skirt of the SES combat ship of Norwegian naval forces, and it surfaces by the sending air pressure, and it runs in compress air by the water jet in the fan. It is a high-speed combat warship of 58 knots or less. It is "VISBY" combat warship of Swedish naval forces. The hull design of a super-minute body that is the feature of the Monohal single trunk slide boat does peculiar Stealth shape and a wonderful together styling. The model drives two original water jet propulsion machines with Brashiresmortar. Two water jet power is strongly reminiscent of running of "VISBY" of the thing.

My purpose is to make them make to the radio controller model of the ship with an advanced, technological hull that pursues the latest fluid mechanics, and run.
It introduces the some.
*Jssdf misile boat
*Hongkong Turbojet
*WIG-Reddragon fly
*LCS-2 (The latest model is being built 2010). ...Continue Reading