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Posted by quitcherbitchen | Apr 14, 2012 @ 02:22 PM | 6,050 Views
Finished the L-5 leading edge slat. Now just need the weather to cooperate for a test flight. This plane currently has no flaps installed, but will flair out on landing like it does even without the slats. This could be very fun.
Posted by quitcherbitchen | Mar 28, 2012 @ 09:23 AM | 5,818 Views
Finished my canopy conversion for my Stinson.This is an ambulance version. As you can see the canopy frame was not a complete conversion as I wanted to save some foam integrity in case of a mishap. Not much left to do except shorten the wing strut and add the leading edge slat. Callie did a good job on the graphics. Oh, and for all those people who think "Liaison Planes" are not warbirds read this http://www.americanheritage.com/cont...d-war-was-over Five howitzers at your disposal is way more firepower then most planes had.
Posted by quitcherbitchen | Mar 14, 2012 @ 09:00 AM | 6,178 Views
Almost done. You can't see it, but the plastic is already test fit in the last photo.
Posted by quitcherbitchen | Mar 11, 2012 @ 09:59 PM | 6,411 Views
Decided that an airbrush was not going to do this plane justice so I got out the exacto and started to make the windows.
Posted by quitcherbitchen | Feb 20, 2012 @ 08:44 PM | 5,911 Views
Test flew yesterday. Not perfect weather. Slightly gusty. Scared me that it started porpoising and I added all the down trim the radio would take. Flew pretty good after that. It really can flair out on landing. Just like a bird. No Flaps. I tried flying without the Dual rates on and it was extremely twitchy. With Dual rate on it behaved rather tame. This is basically a test bed for finishing techniques and flying characteristics for my Stella. No Fowler on this plane. Basically stock Super Cub innards and wing with the exception of the modified tail and ailerons. Stock DX4e transmitter too so none of my fancy expo and mixes. Came home and reduced the elevator throw significantly and finished off the landing gear to make it look more scale. The funny thing was that the elevator looked perfectly even with all the down trim from the radio. I could have sworn it was centered before the maiden flight.
I also ordered the graphics to copy the L-5 OY-1 at the Planes of Fame Museum.
Posted by quitcherbitchen | Feb 12, 2012 @ 01:59 AM | 5,994 Views
Finally finished a project. I did this in two weeks. I have so many unfinished planes that I am braking my arm patting myself on the back for completing this. It's not perfect, but at least it's different and more importantly done.
Posted by quitcherbitchen | Jan 29, 2012 @ 02:03 AM | 5,853 Views
Got really bored this weekend so I took my spare Super Cub fuselage and converted it to an L-5 Sentinel. Just used the projector to do a quick three view in the size I wanted and then knocked out most of it in four hours.
Posted by quitcherbitchen | Jan 23, 2012 @ 10:40 PM | 8,494 Views
I improved my original design to get more extension on the flap. The solution struck me as I went back to the internet to due more research. I was going to go back to try to do a hybrid of vice Fowler flap, but this version is so simple I now look at my super cub wing and think my previous attempt was over engineered. This is the real deal and so so simple. What the picture doesn't show is the cam follower of the pivot point the gives the flap its side to side rigidity. I am going to order some small flange bearing to keep the resistance low. I also abandoned using cheap servos. MG65 is a must. My FS55 just can't handle even the slightest load in the flap retracted position. Final version will be carbon skinned.
Posted by quitcherbitchen | Jan 22, 2012 @ 11:15 PM | 5,719 Views
Finished repairing my Cub after a reversed trim malfunction on my part. I went down to test fly and there was a huge crowd that was there to witness an 15' A-10 Warthog filled with paint that some guy from Aero Vironmental drone made to crash into a wall. Got it all on my new #808-16 camera. I also solved my Full Fowler Flap concept. I will post later, but it true Fowler and very simple and light.
Posted by quitcherbitchen | Jan 02, 2012 @ 11:56 PM | 6,257 Views
Spent some time programing the radio to get some down elevator on Flap extension. I slowed the down on the servos by 1/2 second. Finished up the leading edge slats. They are very scale looking and seem functional, but who knows how it or will it help. I used the 2 to 1 rule. Twice as much gap at the entry then the exit. Now all I need to do is test fly again.
Posted by quitcherbitchen | Jan 01, 2012 @ 02:13 AM | 5,620 Views
I got in one flight with the new Super Cub/Stella wing and I have a lot of programing to due. For the wing maiden I had all the ailerons throws limited to 70%. Way too little. I should probably used the dual rates instead of the Travel limits. It did not like to roll. Set the flaps down to 20 degrees and at any throttle setting higher then zero it would bubble to the moon. I never even bothered to go to 40 degrees. It didn't help that I was flying in a very crowded field that I normally don't fly at. The Rose Bowl (my normal field) is off limits for New Years. Don't maiden with distractions. Got the plane down after 6 landing attempts. This particular field is sloped downhill and very short. I floated the strip on every attempt with the flaps at 20 degrees. last two passes no flaps and was lucky not to hit the curb at the end of the runway. Tomorrow, I spend an hour programming.
Posted by quitcherbitchen | Dec 26, 2011 @ 02:43 AM | 5,785 Views
After test flying my E450 set up in the Cub I came back and am really trying to finish the wing which is a Super Cub wing with Fowler Flaps. The wing is practically done and ready to be test flown. It weighs 188 grams or 6.76 oz which includes Hitec MG5065 servos for the ailerons and Hitec FS55 for the flaps. I may regret using the HS55 for the flaps, but it is almost done. I still get a little buzzing in the flap servos in the up position after a cycle of up down. Down doesn't buzz. I couldn't feel any binding in it. The buzz is minor. Hope to get a test flight in tomorrow. I also ordered a new 808 #16 camera for when the Stella is finished.
Posted by quitcherbitchen | Dec 05, 2011 @ 10:14 AM | 6,233 Views
I realized after installing the flaps that they were still binding up like the vice style prototypes. These worked great on the bench, but man what is going on. After much head scratching I realized that once mounted the outside mechanism is not at the correct geometry. Perhaps the slight wing wash out was enough to mess it up. So, I unscrewed the outside inner most hinge and moved the upper hole up and back. I then just used a standard servo mounting screw and put it back together. Walla, now it works. I also had to change the servo control horn, but that proved less difficult as I just jammed a screw driver through the foam at an angle and changed it. Man, I love foam wings.
Posted by quitcherbitchen | Nov 25, 2011 @ 06:37 PM | 5,962 Views
Very time consuming trying to fine 2mm screws. Finally, ended up with Nylon 2-56 screws and nylocks which I think a lot better then my 2mm steel idea. I cleaned up the linkage with just a Z bender. Took forever to drill out all the brass hinges. Broke two micro bits even though I was taking it easy. Just screwing everything together takes time.
Posted by quitcherbitchen | Nov 21, 2011 @ 12:25 AM | 7,594 Views
Spent days analyzing different Fowler Flap solutions and finally think I got it figured out. Tried using vice style which the full size Stella used but it kept binding up and now I see why few people use this method. I found a guy on You Tube building a massive B-36 model and copied his method. Took better part of a day cutting and re-cutting to get the geometry right. Works pretty good without binding and is a one servo per flap solution. Learned that carbon make lousy hinge material. Brass seems to be the ticket. I need to find more really small nylock nuts and machine screws to really finish the job. Even though the flaps seem like a headache I know it will be worth the trouble. Made similar slot flaps for a Falcon 56 and the plane was a super STOL . In the future I'll take picture of each component and you can see how easy yet complicated it is. The whole thing will end up flush without any protrusions. The gap is only slightly bigger then slotted so I don't know how much increase in wing area I will get until fitted to the wing.
Posted by quitcherbitchen | Nov 07, 2011 @ 12:23 AM | 5,706 Views
Bad weather sure makes building go fast. Got the fuse about 80 percent done. I can probably salvage my cowl cutting mistake by shaving the inside front lip of the cowl to get the dummy radial forward. The only pictures of the front of a real but now extinct Ki-76 looks like it didn't even have a lip in the cowl. I might be OK. Almost thinking about the tail feathers---Almost.
Posted by quitcherbitchen | Nov 06, 2011 @ 02:56 PM | 6,339 Views
Things going a little slow, but I made progress. Took a bit of liberty with the canopy windows. Not really big enough to be scale, but this model is semi scale anyway. I also trimmed the cowl about 3/16 too short. Motor mount is slanted 2 degrees down and 2 degrees to starboard perfectly, but 1/8 too far forward. Lesson, mount motor first then trim cowl. So far under 7oz. Not sure weather to paint first or cover then paint. Still a little sheeting to go on the side, but not much. Wife and daughter complaining I ignore them.
Posted by quitcherbitchen | Oct 16, 2011 @ 10:33 PM | 6,148 Views
Well, the fuse is about 1/2 done and now just needs some 1/16 sheeting on the front half up and including the door. The back half of the bird will just be covered with coverite. I'm not too happy with my lightening holes and I cut out the main bulkhead that holds the front of the wing too much in my opinion. Right now the whole thing as is in the picture weighs 3.46oz. I haven't scratch built anything in five years and feel like every cut is a possible mistake. No confidence. I dream about this thing at night. I envy whoever can use foam and build decent looking semi-scale planes. I have all the electronics, but have yet to weigh them yet. I want to be at 20oz less battery.
Posted by quitcherbitchen | Oct 08, 2011 @ 06:18 PM | 5,687 Views
The following website is where I got most of my Stella three viewshttp://http://www.cmrmodels.co.uk/cm...la_scheme.html