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Posted by quitcherbitchen | May 08, 2014 @ 08:45 PM | 25,764 Views
Picked one of these V1 up from General Hobby. They are super close to were I work. They were really easy to deal with and I picked up so no shipping. They have tons of inventory. All version 1s. I modified the center section and put in a bomb bay to fit 5 Adam Bombs(explosive simulating bombs)http://dropadambomb.com/ . I picked the brain of a fellow RC Groups member Stacker for how he did his bomb bay. My bombs are slightly bigger so I had to do a little more cutting then he did and engineer enough room for all the electronics too. I put in some 40 oz torque HS 81 s to get the load to double. 18oz proved not to be up to the job. Now it fits five Adam Bombs. Bomb runs are a real blast (pun intended), but really that's what this plane is all about. Never ceases to please the crowds. Check some of the videos out in the comments.
Also, this plane has been an ambassador to the past. I was first contacted by Tom Plackis who's father Nicholas Plackis was the bombardier on the original Kwitcherbitchen and was given some amazing personal pictures and more documentation of the original plane. Later, Adam Drain from the Liberty Foundation and 390th group historian found this blog and contacted me about any knowledge that would help them find veterans of the plane, as the son of the pilot had contacted them. I gave them Tom's number and they gave me more incredible photos of the original plane. Who could imagine my little plane being the conduit of connection for everyone interested or had a connection to the original Kwitcherbitchen/Hellion B-17.