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Posted by 13Flatspins | Feb 03, 2008 @ 03:10 PM | 6,059 Views
Greetings All!!
Here is the rest of my hangar. Here first is what I am presently working on. A. & B. are a Great Planes Electro-Streak bare bones that I've been building from a kit for my buddy “thedonn”. He has no patience for sticks & planks. The longer wing was his idea 'cause he wanted this plane to slow down plus act more like a sailplane. C. is a Fokker D-VII which is an ARF. Typically, I don't do ARFs. This one was too good of a deal to pass up.
Next are the rest of my R/C aircraft. D.& E. are my Zagi. I like to have a distinctive pattern between the top and bottom of my models. I lost a foam Cessna ARF in 1986 because I couldn’t tell if it was banking toward or away from me. F. is a Cox Double Eagle. It has a .049 engine that is mounted on a pod that attaches to the top of the wing. I’m thinking of fiberglassing it and converting to electric power. G. is my Eflite Blade CX-2. H., I. & J. are my Sig Kadet LT-40 that I built from a kit. Yes, I have to repair the crash damage. But what is interesting is how it went down. I had my friend on the buddy box and he was doing just fine. To prove a point, I took over & got 4 mistakes high. I rolled over and flew inverted to prove that it’s possible to do so with a high winged trainer. I split-essed out, got the plane level & returned control to my friend. Before I had a chance to tell him to get 4 mistakes high he rolled and pulled full up. All I could do was take over & chop the throttle...Continue Reading