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Posted by Miami Mike | Feb 01, 2019 @ 10:10 PM | 10,016 Views
I like the Castle Creations Phoenix Edge ESC's auxiliary input with the white wire. For my ALES sailplanes I programmed mine in the RX ARM LOCK mode so that Channel 8 on my receiver operates the motor safety lockout. It plays a little tune through the motor when I arm it and a different tune when I disarm it.

I also have ALES CAM limiters installed, which I leave active at all times, even for practicing and sport flying. Since the recommended CAM Limiter hookup routes the entire plane's electrical power through the limiter, its cables, and connectors, which is an arrangement that I don't like, I instead swapped the orange and white wires on my ESC so that the orange throttle signal wire is alone on one plug and the white aux wire, red (+) wire, and brown (-) wire are together on the other plug.

In other words, I changed this:

to this:

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