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Posted by Miami Mike | Aug 19, 2018 @ 08:38 PM | 13,005 Views
When the OpenTX Wizard creates an elevon mix, it looks like this:

I2:Ail Ail Weight(+100%)
I3:Ele Ele Weight(+100%)


CH2 I2:Ail Weight(-50%)
 += I3:Ele Weight(+50%)
CH3 I2:Ail Weight(+50%)
 += I3:Ele Weight(+50%)
The weights are set at 50% so that the combined effect of the mixes for each channel won't exceed 100% and cause clipping. That's important because when a channel mix reaches 100% its control surface is at its limit and any further stick movement away from center won't result in any additional control response from that channel. For a more detailed explanation of this, please see this post, which includes a graphical illustration.

However, a 50% weight for the aileron input and a 50% weight for the elevator input isn't necessarily the best combination for a slope wing. The sum of the two weights should never reach beyond 100%, but that doesn't mean they have to be equal to each other. In the case of my Weasel Trek and generally most other slope wings, the best setup will have a lot more aileron throw than elevator throw. In fact, if the CG is forward of but very close to the neutral point, a wing will require very little elevator throw. On the other hand, slope wings are generally more fun to fly with the quick and snappy rolls you can get with extreme aileron throw.

So here's an alternate OpenTX elevon setup that allows you to adjust elevator throw in flight and get it just right for smooth, stable pitch control, and...Continue Reading
Posted by Miami Mike | Aug 06, 2018 @ 03:35 PM | 12,051 Views
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