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Posted by Miami Mike | Jun 25, 2018 @ 01:35 PM | 13,926 Views
In November of 2016 I described my SetFail flight mode, which allows you to experimentally determine your best Custom failsafe settings for each of your models, but it's a bit involved and some might consider it adequate to just set the failsafe option to Custom and set all your controls to neutral, except the throttle, which should be fully closed.

I just want to point out that if you decide to do it that way then you shouldn't assume that this will work, because it won't:

It's not as simple as that.

The values you enter on your Setup page for Custom failsafe are the actual values that will be sent to your servos and do not take into account any Subtrim, Min, or Max settings on your Outputs page, or any mixing, or flight mode-specific trim settings, etc. that occur when your sticks are in their neutral positions. To know what those Custom failsafe values really need to be for neutral control surface positions, or whatever positions you want them to take when control is lost, you have to read them from your Channels Monitor.

On a Taranis X9D+, before you begin setting up your model, it looks like this:

But after you've set up the model, with the sticks neutral and the throttle off, it'll probably look more like in this random example:

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