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Posted by Miami Mike | Dec 21, 2017 @ 10:36 PM | 16,575 Views
If you're controlling your Taranis volume with one of your potentiometers ("sliders") you might be annoyed that the volume can be accidentally adjusted so high that you get bad distortion, or so low that you can't hear it and you miss important alarms and messages. If the maximum is louder than you want, or the minimum is lower than you want, or both, here's how to confine your volume range within upper and lower limits of your choice.

In this example I'll use RS as the volume control, but it could also be LS, S1, or S2.

You probably have your volume set up like this on your Special Functions page:

That's pretty simple, but to restrict the range you'll need to make it slightly more complicated.

Create an input like this:

It'll look like this on your Inputs page:

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