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Posted by Miami Mike | Apr 14, 2017 @ 08:26 PM | 23,270 Views
An auto-switching aileron-to-rudder mix for the Taranis
For OpenTX version 2.1.9

Aileron-to-rudder mix is useful but there are times when you want rudder control to be completely separated from aileron control. A common solution is to turn the mix on and off with a switch, but here I'll describe a setup that does the switching automatically. It works like this:
  1. When the aileron stick is moved away from center while the rudder stick is centered, aileron-to-rudder mix is active.
  2. If at any time the rudder stick is moved away from center, the mix is automatically cancelled and the rudder stick takes full control of the rudder. The changeover is slowed slightly for a smooth transition.
  3. When the rudder stick and aileron stick are both centered, the mix is reactivated.
In other words, the rudder is controlled by one stick or the other but never both, and the rudder stick has priority.

A simplified eepe file is attached that demonstrates the setup, and if you have glidsim.lua installed in your /SCRIPTS/TELEMETRY folder you'll be able to watch it work. Activate the glidsim screen with the PAGE button. In Companion simulator, use the [Hold X] function to set the aileron stick away from center, then move the rudder stick and watch what happens.

Note: Of course the attached eepe file is not meant to fly a real model. It's only for demonstration purposes.

In this example, GV1 is used to set the amount of aileron-to-rudder mix. The value should be between 0% and 100%. I have it set to...Continue Reading