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Posted by Barts_Hangar | Yesterday @ 10:46 PM | 124 Views
Here are some highlights from this year's annual rc jet rally in Wingham, Ontario.

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Here are some of the highlights of the aircraft presented at the 2018 IPMS Torcan Scale model competition. Subscribe for more model airplane action coming your way!

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Posted by Hobby WOW | Yesterday @ 10:04 PM | 155 Views
VISUO XS812 GPS Foldable Altitude Hold RC Drone Quadcopter Is Portable, Has the Function of One Key Return, Headless Mode Many Protections to Guarantee the Flight Safety. Besides, with HD Camera, the wifi FPV Function Can Let Us Take Pictures, Videos, Experience the Joy of Real-time Transmission through The Phone Screen.

Posted by Bill M - RC | Yesterday @ 09:58 PM | 151 Views
Hi fellow pilots & rc entusiasts

MJX Bugs 5W B5W review. This Bugs 5W review of this great 5G WIFI FPV with 1080P Camera GPS Brushless Altitude Hold RTF RC Quadcopter Drone shares what this looks like at night.

IN STOCK HERE NOW: https://goo.gl/BMp7UZ

MJX Bugs 5W B5W Review - Night Flight (5 min 41 sec)

Posted by mwhidden | Yesterday @ 08:11 PM | 191 Views
Monokote! First time ever trying to put a film covering on anything. I built a little square out of scrap balsa to experiment on, and it seemed not so tricky. I picked up a used iron from the classifieds here on RCGroups, so I suppose having the right tool helped a lot. By the way, a covering iron will warp your self-healing mat if you lay it down there.

On the suggestion of my father, I added some small gussets to the stabilizer. Not sure if I did it right, but I'm sure it will add some resistance to shearing forces.

Finished up the hinge slots for the rudder and made sure they fit well before covering the vertical stab. I also added the strips of Monokote that form the hinge for the elevator. The empennage is turning out nicely so far.

A lot of pictures in this installment. Check the captions....Continue Reading
Posted by Andrey_Rakhmanov | Yesterday @ 05:14 PM | 290 Views
Previous stabilization scheme for the 2-engine Arlequin used Eagle Tree Guardian flight stabilizer. This stabilizer is quite old (more than 10 years) , so I decided to replace it with a more modern and popular one. It is not easy to do because very few stabilizer can match qualities of Guardian. Finally, the choice fell on a popular receiver with built-in stabilizer - FrSky S8R.

I tested FrSky S8R with classical scheme model, and what I found:
- Relative small price - $ 40 - $ 50 - 8 channels for a telemetry receiver with stabilizer isn't bad!
- It has telemetry channel - it is possible to measure the voltage of the battery.
- Can output data in SBUS format - allows to avoid PWM wires mess. Now receiver can be connected with one cable.
- An ability to do full configuration directly from the transmitter (Taranis + Lua scripts).
- A large number of flight modes (3D, horizontal stabilization, hover, knife).
- Active support from FrSky - new firmware releases, utilities, etc.
- Receiver configuration menu features minimum possible number of settings.
- Complex and unobvious processes of installation, configuration and calibration - for the understanding it's better to watch the video on YouTube.
- Support - only 3 basic types of plane models (classic, delta wing, v-tail) 'hover' and 'knife' flying mode aren't enabled for delta wing and V-tail type models.
- Not very obvious stabilization scheme. Impossibility to set the "general"...Continue Reading
Posted by cubcrafter60 | Yesterday @ 02:17 PM | 390 Views
My running across the article on the Old School Model Works Robinhood 25 rekindled my interest in the original big Robinhood’s that I wanted to build (but couldn’t afford to) back in the 80’s. I found some threads on old builds and had seen that the kits occasionally come up for sale here on RC Groups. I also found short kits for the 25, 80, & 99 (as well as plans) were available through Lazer Works.

Short back story:
Back in mid-June we had the Warbirds Over Fernely flying event at our club field and we made some new friends. Terry & Jean joined us from Oroville California and Dean (bassfisher on RCG) came out from Arkansas. The event was a bit of a blow out with higher than expected winds, and a full-scale plane having a problem, but we did get in some flying and made the most of it. I was wearing my ‘Rare Bear’ t-shirt that day and Terry mentioned that he used to work on the famous racer back when it was still competitive! We got to talking about projects and the Robinhood 25 came up and during that conversation I mentioned that I wished that I could find a Robinhood 80 or 99. Terry looked at me and said, “I have an 80 and a 99 and if you’re up for a road trip you can have them”! He sent me some photos of both aircraft when they got back home and mentioned that they’d probably need some TLC but overall, they looked promising.

Fast forward just over a month to yesterday morning and John (johnorama, our club President and my co-worker) and I are...Continue Reading
Posted by TinkleWid | Yesterday @ 11:47 AM | 417 Views
Runcam HD 2 Camera versus Quelima SQ12 on the 🦕 HGLRC XJB 145 🦕 - Single Run on a Tattu 4S 650mah Lipo

After testing out the Runcam 2 HD I decided to go back to using the Quelima SQ12 with lens mod. The flights look more dramatic and gives that rushing feeling.

The 3 inch drone is a little too under-powered to carry the 49grams of the Runcam 2 HD and so it is way more fun to fly with the 17gram SQ12 with mount.

HGLRC XJB 145 PIDS used for this video on Betaflight 3.2
Roll: 45, 45, 27; Pitch: 46, 50, 30 Yaw:70, 45, 20
Tatu 4S 650mah best lipo imho

Happy Flying 🦕 HGLRC XJB 145 🦕 FPV Mini Drone Freestyle Raw: Back to the SQ12 HD Camera Lens Mod (3 min 1 sec)

Music mix by Gramatix

Equipment used:
HGLRC XJB 145 Mini Quadunder 250 grams https://www.banggood.com/HGLRC-XJB-1...SABEgJKx_D_BwE
Quelima SQ12 MiniQuad HD Camera with lens modification
Jumper T8SG https://www.gearbest.com/radios-rece...SABEgJ8cvD_BwE
Original SQ12 footage modified using Adobe Premier Pro editor
Betaflight 3.2

Future Project: Micro HD Camera to test in 1080/60fps: Caddx Turtlet or Caddx Turtle https://www.banggood.com/Caddx-Turtl...p-1320281.html
Posted by kydawg1 | Yesterday @ 11:38 AM | 412 Views
Posted by WigganRC | Yesterday @ 05:40 AM | 773 Views
Finally done the paint job to arctic camouflage from stock grey.
And then the maiden is done and the plane is in one piece lol

Check any my nervous maiden here. Only been flying 6 months.
A10 Fms 1500mm Warthog
A10 Fms 1500mm Warthog Maiden Flight (7 min 44 sec)

Posted by GBLynden | Yesterday @ 04:34 AM | 826 Views
This is footage of a beautiful Freewing F-4 Phantom II 90mm EDF Jet at Warbirds Over Whatcom with full ordinance off grass. He flew beautifully and slow enough that it was easy to capture this plane like I did.

Freewing F-4 Phantom II 90mm EDF Jet With Full Ordinance Off Grass (3 min 38 sec)

Posted by Bunnyshooter223 | Yesterday @ 02:45 AM | 985 Views
The end of recreational drone and RC model flying in the USA? (27 min 50 sec)

FAA literally told us to be quiet, they do not have time for American Citizen modelers(!) We are not getting proper representation!
NOW is the time to act. We need to fight this!

We have the RIGHT to the pursuit of happiness which means enjoying the air above our own heads.
We need to stand up NOW and tell these greedy corporations and FAA that we have the RIGHT to our own space--and MORESO than any of them.

I am quite sure there are more than 220,000 modelers and drone flyers. I am talking a cool million American citizens own models or drones, easy.

Btw, your feedom is often taken away from you in the name of 'security.' As if us modelers are unable to practice safety...i call bull poo!

If anything, several commercial drones flying around in MY personal space is a threat to my peace and security. How is that safer than me flying my precious model?

These people are being hypocritical. It is so easy to turn it all back on them that they told our 1 model guy to be quiet while excluding the AMA. Wow... evil.

Don't give FAA an inch!
Don' give Amazon an inch!
Don't give WalMart an inch!

We have fought through war after war for our freedom. Dont let these greedy ignorant corporations take it away.
A fellow modeler surely cares more about your privacy than some corporation or 3-letter organization.

We need to form an RC Modeler Superpower to represent us legally and vocally, as well as voice our rights.

Btw, where was the AMA!???? AMA, everyone, time to STAND UP for ourselves! Do NOT let them take Section 336! Thanks... and...

At the very least we should ALL be able to fly without civilians being taxed. Duh.

Posted by old4570 | Jul 21, 2018 @ 11:44 PM | 1,043 Views
Posted by jimharley909 | Jul 21, 2018 @ 11:08 PM | 1,043 Views
Ever since I started in this hobby I had a wish list of airplanes I wanted to build and fly. I got out of the hobby in 1994 when kits were plentiful. Fast forward to 2016, when I got back in to the hobby, not so many kits are out there. I went to several plans sources and found what I was looking for but they are dated and really "heavy" builds. In narrowing down the list to 5 airplanes these are what I have come up with. The Cosmic will be based on the Bridi kit from the 80's, which I thankfully found here. The hobby has evolved, not in the direction I thought it would, but in other ways, it has unlimited potential. It's sad to see Tower Hobbies and a few of the other kit makers gone or having issues. On the other hand radio technology and electric options are simply awesome. Here is the list...if anyone cares I'm drawing up plans for the Monocoupe and P-12 now. The Dart will be next on the drawing board. It is kind of fun starting over, with some sort of plan, but life has a way of changing plans. For the forseable future I plan on working and building R/C models. just keeping it simple.

Johnny Livingston's 110 Monocoupe 1/4 scale 60" wing
jlmono by jim harley, on Flickr

Milo Burcham's Boeing P-12 60 wing and electric power
15895782517_df2b6af4fa_m by jim harley, on Flickr

Minnow Cosmic Wind, based on the 1/4 scale Bridi Kit
...Continue Reading
Posted by FeiJi | Jul 21, 2018 @ 10:41 PM | 1,059 Views
Started building a plank using 5mm (and a little 9mm) EPP and carbon fiber fishing pole tube sections. Will skin in 5mm foam and then laminate. Won't be pretty but will be strong. Will build wing same way. Love foam and hotglue and just eye balling it.
Posted by Mr B.... | Jul 21, 2018 @ 04:26 PM | 1,315 Views
It saddens me to say this at this point in time with all of my friends made over the years. I will be stepping away from the hobby as a Pilot and a Manufacture of model airplanes and soaring products of M M Glider Tech. After 26 years it's time to take a break. My career in Aerospace has taken off in a new direction. I believe that I will have no time to do the things I love to do anymore at this time with model airplane manufacturing. My family and my career come first now. So I thank everyone for the support and friendship we have made over all these years. At some point in time we may be back. I will continue to support the hobby as a modeler designing new models to fly!

Thank you for your support!

M M Glider Tech
Posted by Nomad216 | Jul 21, 2018 @ 03:04 PM | 1,358 Views
Does anyone know where I can find a Picco .26 engine
Posted by UpNup | Jul 21, 2018 @ 01:32 PM | 1,420 Views
On my Ford Flivver’s maiden flight, it rose six feet off the deck and then nose dived. I managed to pull up enough to just pancake. It landed in grass but the central landing gear wire shoved upward hard enough to break the wing-to-fuse “tongue.” She couldn’t fly and take it home after it’s five second maiden. .

My mind went into overdrive. Reviewed pre-flight check list. Had the throws set just so-so. Did the range test. Picked a dead-calm day. Why would this plane dive like that?

A guy at the field suspected that I decreased the elevators too much. That was the first hint. Elevators.

When I hung up the plane in my garage, I eventually saw the problem the next day. When I was in my pre-flight checkup. an older flier at the field noticed my elevators were reversed. And he quickly reversed the controls.

What I missed was that when the elevator controls were reversed to normal, I did not look at how they were now in a downward position when neutral. Boom. She dove.

My elevator servo was installed in the rear of the plane. It required only moving the control arm 1/8”, but that was enough to level out the elevators.

Some new balsa and Monokote patchwork put the plane back to ready. Looking forward to flying soon.

Another lesson learned. When reversing controls, check the flying surfaces to see if they changed.
Posted by thijs slotman | Jul 21, 2018 @ 10:51 AM | 1,465 Views
Posted by kydawg1 | Jul 21, 2018 @ 09:53 AM | 1,484 Views