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Posted by rockiesguy | May 20, 2017 @ 01:41 PM | 9,114 Views
I'm trying this media to gather advice on cheap but best brands to paint over foam and other coverings...done 200 times, but never in the HHOOTTTTTT Arizona's summers.

For starters I got this HSD Mirage, typical EPO, painted over the original pain, but after a little treatment.

I used Rustoleum Ultra paints as I used to paint my patio furniture while living in Colorado (where you can go through 4 seasons in one week !)

Once again, it is EPO with a factory coat (color scheme) of Latex, scuffed with 000 steel wool, then 50/50 water-glue- treatment, then the spray thing over...decals still pending..would be water-slide one made on my computer...then a last coat all over to seal and matte it (make it flat non-shining)..

Got a CARF Europort doing nothing in the garage....will try this method this summer too...

Question is; will it survive the fuel tank filling drips (or spills) and AND the summer heat?

On the other hand there are those all composite frames like the Odyssey, that like many other brands have limited color schemes, so you see them EVERYWHERE you go ! Some of them do get closer to what one would like it would be.. but not exactly.

What I'm planning in there, since I don't do epoxy painting anymore, is getting a "vinyl wrap" color chart like that of signs on business locale windows and cars, outdoor grade.

Life span of those vinyl range from 2 to 10 years, depends on use..(but some car wrapping material can go to up to 10 years;...Continue Reading