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Posted by cpt.chaos canada | Jul 10, 2016 @ 12:25 PM | 8,658 Views
Hi everyone,
it took me a while but here is what I wanted to share:

As a Long Haul Trucker I've had many opportunities to meet nice people from RCG threads during my trips. So far: CT, NJ, NC, AL, TX, OH, IL, MI and MB and NS.
I have enjoyed all of those encounters with fellow hobbyists, but recently it escalated - in a good way.

About 3 weeks ago I was on my way from Halifax NS to Houston TX.
Someone posted an add here on RCG for an older but new twin engine Dynam Grand Cruiser.
Steal deal $50 as is, for lpu, no original box.
I asked if he would hold īt for me for about 4-5 days, since nobody "jumped" on it right away.
Well, I didn't really believed to have a chance, when he kindly declined, letting me know that it seem to be sold already. He mentioned that the asking price was probably to low.

I did checked the add afterwards randomly, my reply and others were deleted, new requests showed up once or twice a day. Some from people that lived no more than an hour away from the seller.
It wouldn't sell???

3 days after my first pm'ed hold request I got a msg from the seller asking if I'd still be interested in it. -YESSS SIR -

It made me happy and sad at the same time, the seller is an 86 year old "Airplane modelling Dinosaur" Still active in the free flight branch of our hobby.
I called him and got to know how people wanted money holds, detailed pics or fuel money and such on a $50 deal. Well I told him to consider it gone, and send him a few of....Continue Reading
Posted by cpt.chaos canada | Jun 05, 2013 @ 12:33 PM | 8,612 Views
Hi, I just registered with rc-groups in June 2013.

So Hello to all out there in this completely new to me RC-World

Try to upload my Picture-story first.

Oh, and I`m totally hooked already

aka CCC


Edited in April 2015,
enough courage gathered to admit my flying skills to the folks around here.

Try to change my reader only position to a semi active poster as of now also.

Alberta ended her temporary last flight back in June 2013 in an somewhat
High elevated STOL type of "landing"


Added November 2016:
Since I was asked many times in the past about my "Tree landing and rescue" technique , I thought I update my intended pictures only story with the "how to's".

Get some munchies

All it takes to perform a high elevated STOL is a total RC Newby like me, back then.
I was just overwhelmed by the beauty of this WWI model airplane when I started looking into this hobby. I had nobody close to me to ask for help or even some advise, I just searched the internet for some time.
So here I was trying to teach myself with a great but totally wrong plane for a beginner.
On that "temporary" last flight I was happy to finally getting her up in the air for a while on a hazy early morning. She went past me on a downwind leg and almost scooted out of sight. I managed to get her to turn back in a very wide turn heading alongside a far away...Continue Reading