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Posted by Viper82 | Aug 06, 2011 @ 09:16 AM | 11,117 Views
Skyangel 50mm T-45 Goshawk

Here's my T-45 Goshawk.
This plane has been sold.
I'll leave this thread up for others to enjoy.

It has:
Stock 4200kv motor with 6 blade 50mm fan on 14.8v
Exceed 30a ESC
2 TP SG90s for ailerons
1 HK 10g servo for elevator

Video was shot with stock 5 blade rotor installed. 6 blade has since been installed and is a little faster.
50mm T-45 14.8v 2 Flights (7 min 5 sec)

Posted by Viper82 | Aug 06, 2011 @ 09:03 AM | 10,795 Views
Airfield 800mm BF-109

No longer have this plane... sold to Troutbum

Here is my 109.
I'm just about finished with my custom paint job. Using walmart apple barrel acrylics, hand brushed and Minwax polycrylic to seal it.

It has:
Exceed rocket motor 1420kv
Headsup 18a ESC
2 TP SG90's for ailerons
2 Dynam 7g servos for elevator and rudder

More pics and videos coming soon

Maiden flight while still stock colors
800mm BF109 Maiden (4 min 41 sec)

Posted by Viper82 | Apr 12, 2011 @ 03:04 PM | 11,417 Views
Electronics sold to fund other "bigger" planes.
Foam airplane given to my 1.5 year old daughter. Almost totally destroyed

Here's my Hobbyzone Champ

It has a PZ P-51 UM motor and 1.25 dubro tires
HZ Champ crash landing into pond (2 min 4 sec)

Posted by Viper82 | Apr 09, 2011 @ 11:23 AM | 12,513 Views
Hey guys,
Heres a few pics of my airstrip. Its far from finished and I will appreciate any suggestions and advice.

It will remain dirt, only because I can't afford to pave it

I'll continue to update this thread