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Posted by kc10kevin | May 30, 2016 @ 07:31 PM | 5,712 Views
Time to get rid of the KKNG name and come up with something better.

Need folks to vote on the best name from the list provided:

Posted by kc10kevin | Mar 20, 2016 @ 05:44 AM | 105,281 Views
KKNGF4 (KopterKontrolNextGen) - New STM32F4 DIY Board.

Prototype board tested great and the final version is at the PCB manufacturer now. Goal of this is to provide an open source DIY board for the community to build and fly using Raceflight.

DIY board features:

- All components on top of board (except optional Baro and SWD port)
- All components are 603 size or larger for easier assembly.
- 2-Layer PCB to reduce cost

I plan on releasing all the documents including Gerbers to order PCBs, Bill of Materials, schematics and assembly guide once testing is complete.

KKNGF4 Features:

- Standard 36x36 Board (30.5x30.5 mounting)
- STM32F405RGT6: 32-Bit, 168MHz, 1MB
- 3 hardware serial ports.
- Built-in serial port inverter (UART1 RX) which allows S.BUS receivers to be used without external inverter.
- USB VCP (can be used at the same time as the serial ports).
- 4 PWM outputs (dedicated for quads).
- 5v buffering of PWM motor outputs.
- Dedicated 3.3v regulator for external devices/Spektrum (up to 500mA)
- Dedicated PPM/SerialRX input header pins.
- Dedicated SPEKTRUM adapter port.
- External SPI Connector
- Filtered inputs (UART, PPM, SerialRx)
- Dedicated I2C headers.
- MPU6000 SPI Acc/Gyro (MPU6500 possible on future version)
- Optional MS5611 Barometer on bottom of board for easy foam covering isolation.
- Blackbox Support (2 Options):
--- On-board 8mb or 16mb SPI Flash for Blackbox recording
--- On-Board MicroSD Card Support
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Posted by kc10kevin | Dec 27, 2015 @ 10:38 PM | 28,777 Views
I was cruising the forums a couple months ago and saw this post about how the CC3D needs a redesign.


I built and sold several CC3D's a couple years back and had lots of components left over. Needed a winter project, so decided to redesign the CC3D from suggestions on RCGROUPS and concepts from other FCs out there. I've gone through several prototypes and finally settled on this redesign (uses Cleanflight/Betaflight CC3D.hex):

This is a dedicated racing quad design as it only has 4 PWM outputs. No PWM inputs; only PPM or Serial Rx inputs.

My next step is to migrate this to an F3 target. I know there are lots of designs out there, but for some reason, I like the SPI protocol for the MPU and having built in blackbox capability. There is no other F3 designs with SPI MPU and Blackbox that I could find.


There was a suggestion to post this up at the beginning of the blog to help clarify things since this blog as evolved to several targets:

1. CC3DF3 - CC3D with STM32F303.

This is just a CC3D board with an F3 soldered on. Not working: I2C, Current ADC.

I2C - Will not work on the CC3D with F3. CC3D shares UART3/I2C together on the F1 (PB10/PB11). I2C not available on PB10/PB11 on the F3. Disabled in the target.
Current ADC - PB1 on the F3 is on ADC3. RSSI and VBAT on ADC1. Need to see if its possible to use two different ADCs.

Pretty well tested thanks to nppc. Special...Continue Reading