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Posted by sir_clive | Dec 30, 2018 @ 10:57 AM | 1,550 Views
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We are happy to announce the second public beta version of the upcoming Wing Helper 1.5.0! This version introduces the following new functions and fixes the following issues reported with Beta 1:
  • HOT: Definition of "Shipway" implemented
  • Crash due to invalid position of the rib cutter fixed in DXF and PDF export
  • DXF export: fix for rib comb and aileron DXF export when used together with half-rib cutter
  • NGC export: don't pause when returning from cutting an inner spar
  • NGC export: the panel currently selected in the panel table is now also pre-selected for NGC export
  • NGC export: error handling improved
  • NGC export: two options added for improved compatibility to back-end programs
  • Minor fix in the 2D rib view
  • Helper picture for sheeting: german translation fixed
  • A few typos fixed
  • Minor fix for ICE export

Please make sure to also read the announcement for the Beta 1, especially the warning about the nature and potential shortcomings of beta versions. As always, Beta 2 can be downloaded here.

Many thanks to all of you who participated in the Beta program so far!
By the way, the beauty in the header of this note is designed in Wing Helper by Manni, one of the most active members of the Beta test team, and a Wing Helper wizard. He is much better in using Wing Helper to itsí maximal abilities than I am.

Best regards,

Aleksandar Pozgaj

Wing Helper e.U.
Posted by sir_clive | Dec 09, 2018 @ 07:09 PM | 1,793 Views

We are happy to announce the first public beta version of the upcoming Wing Helper 1.5.0! Our Alpha Test Team already did a great job in making sure that this version is working correctly. In this beta test phase, we are looking forward to finding - with your help - and fixing the last remaining bugs and issues before the final 1.5.0 is released.

You can find the official announcement, with screenshots and download links, directly on the Wing Helper web page.

Here is the list of the most important additions and changes implemented in this version:
  • HOT: NC export (G-Code for 4-axis CNC foam cutters) - GFK and CFK wings, we are coming!
  • HOT: Automatic generation of ailerons extended (new spar type "K-Form")
  • HOT: Creation of half-ribs
  • HOT: "Use as LE" for round and cuboid spars implemented (automatic cut into the rib)
  • Round spar: option "Separate radius (end)" added
  • New type of trailing edge: "Standard (Height)"
  • Trailing edge "Standard (Depth)": different depths at the beginning and at the end implemented
  • Cuboid spars: separate width and height at the end of the spar implemented
  • Option for parallel projection added
  • Option added to invert the mouse wheel
  • Rib table now also showing the rib lengths
  • "Don't apply lightening holes to a rib" implemented (right-click into the rib table)
  • Round and Cuboid spars: "Follow LE" changed to "Follow curvature", allowing you to also define spars which
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