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Posted by sir_clive | Jun 24, 2012 @ 03:09 PM | 9,420 Views
Ok, here we go again... Wing #3! But this one is going to FLY! One way or another.

As it turned out, carbon spar, as I put it, is not an ideal way to enforce the wing. I was also way to sloppy while cutting, the blocks I cut the cores from were useless as a help for balsa sheeting.

Besides, I forgot to cut in a washout. Silly me, I *knew* it existed, but didn't think of it until Don asked me.

So - in the dumpster it goes. Well, not in the dumpster yet, have to salvage those carbon rods first.

Armed with the wire-cutting knowledge of the previous wings and this time taking VERY much time to get it as well as I possibly could, this is the result.

The cores still look rather bad near the TE, but I don't think one can actually do this job much better without better tools. Once covered with 1mm balsa, the TE ugliness disappears anyway.

The wing I was aiming at was S6063 (7%). What I ended with, and I *really* tried hard, is something resembling S6063, but not the S6063 itself, due to building inadequacies. GIven the similarity of profiles out there, I'm sure my wing now is a kind of a Frankenstein's Monster, flicked together from different profiles, scattered randomly all over the place.

At least it LOOKS nice and smooth, as far as I can tell; if I didn't know how important the utmost precision is when building a wing strictly to a given profile, I'd say it's perfect, except for the too thin TE, which doesn't look nice, but which is not so much thinner than the original...Continue Reading