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Since summer is fully upon us in the UK, I have really been enjoying my freestyle flying. Constantly trying to learn new tricks which is very rewards.

Here is my latest video from a school playing field not far from my house.
A lot of fun

Starry Eyed (2 min 53 sec)

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My Typhoon H CGO3+ camera was inconsistent in image quality. Most of the time it was excellent. But occasionally the distant focus was off. So I've got a replacement camera coming from Yuneec. After I called their customer service, the rep offered to swap it out, no questions asked. I was sent an RMA and a UPS shipping label, too. Once I proved that I had indeed dropped the camera off at a UPS Store they got my replacement shipped.

So I've been using my backup... the Chroma.

Here's my latest train video from it. These videos typically incorporate several different cameras. Both ground and airborne.

NS 8098 East - the Conrail Heritage Engine with Drone Views on 7-16-2016 (3 min 46 sec)

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‪#‎New‬ arrival from USA#
For those who are waiting for batteries of helis,batteries of cars,batteries of FPVs,New stock has finally arrived,As below are some from the arrival list;
Fun shopping
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QR X900 Walkera UAV aerial Guangzhou Jiaomen Village

QR X900 Walkera UAV aerial Guangzhou Jiaomen Village (1 min 9 sec)


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Hi peeps

Here is a picture of all three GoPro session Quadcopter Flexible mount type we do..
Many thanks
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Here's my full review and flight video of the new "Cheerson CX-10WD-TX Altitude Hold, FPV Nano" courtesy of Gearbest!

Only $33.50 if you use coupon code JRWD1 at checkout, expires on 8.31.16

Click HERE to purchase.

Cheerson CX-10WD "World's Smallest FPV Drone with Altitude Hold and TX" review & flight video (16 min 41 sec)

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This is my new Hubsan H502S X4 Desire GPS FPV Drone Unboxing, Maiden Flight, and Review video.

Hubsan H502S X4 Desire GPS FPV Drone Unboxing, Maiden Flight, and Review (12 min 38 sec)

In this video I unbox this really attractive and well thought out quadcopter and give it a quick indoor flight to get a feel for how it will handle outdoors. It has a ton of really advanced features that typically only come on bigger and more expensive quads, so I can't wait to fly it outside!

Posted by | Jul 19, 2016 @ 11:48 PM | 1,547 Views
We are now selling this amazing drone at

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No flying for me for the last week. Too much wind during my entire weekend. Been like that all summer. seems like almost every day has 9 mph winds with gusts in the teens. Occasionally there is some quiet time for an hour or so early in the morning at 6-7am or sometimes between 7-8pm. It's getting more rare though.

So! I spent yesterday and part of today breaking airplane no.2 out of it's box (same model as my 1st one), assembling the empennage (tail section) and giving it its paint scheme and tail number.

This plane has a much more powerful motor than the 1st one. My first one, 129 NF (the last picture with the red nose section and red tail trim) has a 4100Kva Inrunner on the gearbox. This 2nd plane is going to have a 5400Kva Inrunner. I gave it the tail number 216 NF. I simply rearranged the numbers and flipped over the 9

Because it has more power, It's getting a slightly bigger Lipo Battery. As you might be able to see in the picture, I also replaced the fixed plastic tail wheel with a home made steerable tail wheel set up. This adds some weight to the tail, so I'll have to add some weight to the nose to counter this along with the larger battery in order to keep it balanced.

With any luck I'll be flying it in a couple of weeks.

When I removed the horizontal stabilizer out of the box, I noticed that the foam was bent so that it had a negative dihedral (Stab was lower at the tips than at the root. To fix this, I mounted it to the fuselage anyway. Then after...Continue Reading
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This is the first of 2 Parts for Gens ace New Hardcase Series Video WE Power your Passion Have Fun watching it.
It does not matter if you are heart beats for Racing or bashing, we have the power for your passion.
I know you guys like sharing and commenting my stuff. Thank you!
We Power your Passion Gens Ace Hardcase Series (2 min 29 sec)

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My newest toy is this Foote Westerner C, with a wingspan of 85". Originally built and flown by Dave Acker as an electric, I did a refurb with new covering and installed my Thunder Tiger GP10 glow engine in the nose, along with a Fuji film canister for a fuel tank.

The tank provides enough fuel for a full power climb to well over 1500 feet. I usually motor on up to around 800-900 feet or so and shut it down, and its all thermals from there. Man, this thing sure does love to climb in lift! It's as ugly as a turkey vulture, in my opinion, but it thermals so well, crawling around at all of one mile an hour and floating upward on the slightest hint of rising air, that it becomes beautiful in my eyes. Funny how that works. Gotta love them funky old timers!
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This chronicles the build of the Dos E, 2 meter sail plane available through for which I am importing these models.

Wingspan: 2000mm
Length: 1125mm
Wing Area: 30.5dm^2
Airfoil: AG35-36-37
Airframe Weight: 330g
Flying Weight: 630~650g

The Dos E is a light weight, all composite model great for ALES or other thermal competition.

It comes as a kit, requiring around 10-12 hrs for completion. The wing is a 2 piece unit that requires the user to join it. To aid in assembly, an injection molded....uh mold, is included to clamp the wing parts together at the correct angle. The fin comes installed to the boom. Horizontal tail bolts in place, making transport easy, and if you ever need to replace it.

Before joining the wings, I pre-ran servo wire through the lightweight tube inside the wings. Since I dislike splices, I directly soldered these to the servo board, in this case, Hitec HS-45s. I left a little slack so I could wait until the servos had their plugs reinstalled to center them, and finally glue them into the wing.

For joining the wings, I did it in 2 steps for my own sanity. First use 30 minute epoxy to glue the two panels and wing bolt tubes together. Let it all cure. After that cures, I then remove the plastic mold, apply the included carbon cloth with 30 minute epoxy, and re-clamp. I would suggest waxing the plastic mold to aid in releasing it.

After joining the wings, I installed a Deans 4-pin connector for...Continue Reading
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Starting an x-frame build for a friend of mine.

GEPRC-ZX5 frame and pdb
Emax rs2205-2300
Little bee 20A
Afroflight rev.6
Fatshark cmos 700 v2
Immercion rc 25mW vtx
flysky f6b rx
fatshark cloverleaf antenna
triblade 5040 bullnose

total weight without lipo :348...Continue Reading
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Current price 52.30 / $ 67.99 , this is the 5.8ghz fpv model ,you know you want one

Item name: CX-33S 2.4G High Hold Mode independently 5.8G video transmission system
Frequency: 2.4G
Channel: 4CH
Gyro: 6 axis
Material: ABS
Quadcopter Size: 310 x 345 x 85mm
Quadcopter Weight: 164g
Package Size: 42.4 x 35.8 x 11.3CM
Color: white
Blade size: 140mm
Flight time: 6--7 minutes
Charging time: About 210 minutes
Control distance: about 30-80M
FPV transmission distance: about 30-80m
Battery for quadcopter: 7.4V 450mAh
Battery for transmitter: 1.5v AA battery (not included)

* 4 channels with LED lights
* 6-axis gyro with gyro calibration function
* Ascend, descend, forward, backward, turn left, turn right, hover
* Left sideward fly and right sideward fly etc.
* With 2 mega pixels independently video transmission system which can take pitures and records and make real-time transmission
* One-key to take off, one-key to land and one-key to switch of Mode 1 and Mode 2
* With high density air pressure sensor which can precisely hold the height; it adopts the dual-spring control sticks
* It allows many people to play it at the same time and the transmission function has 8 frequency points, which would not disturb the picture-taking function between each other
* R/C Distance: about 30 - 80m, FPV transmission distance: about 30~80m
* New Y-shaped main structure, with 6 motors and more power

Package Included:
1 x CX-33S 2.4G 6-axis gyro High Hold Mode independently 5.8G video transmission system
1 x 2.4G transmitter
1 x USB charging cable
2 x spare blades
1 x User Manual

LIGHTS and not that many that it looks like a christmas tree !

Look at all the bits !! blade protectors are for girls though..... unless your a girl... no offence.

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Current price 133.06 / $ 172.99 price is for an SP Racing F3 and mode 2 tx ( thats a bargain imo )

Package Included: (without bag)
1 x Frame Kit
1 x PDB
4 x Motor Base
4 x 2204 Motor
4 x 20A ESC
1 x Flight Controller
4 x Propeller
1 x Power Connector
2 x LED
1 x 3S 11.1V 1500mAh 25C Battery
1 x B3 Charger
1 x 700TVL Camera
1 x Camera Mount
1 x FT200 VTX
1 x Antenna
1 x Eachine i6 Transmitter
1 x Eachine iA6 Receiver

...Continue Reading
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Current Price 63.83 / $82.99

Brand: UFO
Screen size:5"
Max Charge Rate: 1c
Lens type: fresnel lens
Antenna connector: RP-SMA
Battery weight: 75g
Weight: 320g (not excluding battery)
Current consumption:[email protected]
Dimension (mm):158x155x105
Working temperature: 0C-50C
Work time: more than 120 minutes
Supply voltage:1600mah 7.4V Li-po with power display
Screen resolution:800x480HD with intensity control, contrast control on buttons
Frequency channel: build in two 40 channel 5.8GHz A/V receiver module with racing band module

...Continue Reading
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Howdy people

I've been looking / experimenting with for an affordable, but modular aerial videography platform for quite a while.. I've build one myself, but it never really satisfied my needs.
Besides that I'm quite a fan of the XK brand, soooo I though I should give there X500 quad a try

Here is a link to this quad: XK X500 Aircam

So.. I'll try and do several video's about this quad.. To start with a show & tell with a first test-flight:

DutchRC - The XK X500 Aircam Arial video quadcopter! Show & Tell (from (17 min 25 sec)

Now.. to this I should add that my quad seems to have a major problem.. After this test-flight it didn't want to start-up anymore.. So it will kind-off allso be a test of Gearbests support....
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Well the idle screw that was missing from my latest Magnum XL52 engine finally arrived. It should have arrived yesterday as the USPS status was 'Out for Delivery'. Well it did not show up. Tracking this morning showed it went back to Tampa and then to Sarasota last night. WTH? This morning it showed 'Arrived at post office' in Largo at 7:09AM but not 'Out for Delivery'. I happened to be home and intercepted the Mail person and just as I was about to begin an inquisition I see her pull up an mailing envelope that could only be the idle screw. Finally.

Now with the screw installed to an approximate setting as my other Magnum, I strapped it to the test stand. Needle valve open 2 full turns, new OS F plug installed, tank filled, ready to fire her up. She popped on the first touch of the prop and the second flip she was purring away.

Whatever ill will I had towards Chinese made engines once again began to slip away as I advanced the throttle. This engine is sweet to say the least. Now I have no doubt that SOME Magnum/ASP engines are dogs, but I have been fortunate lately. I would not hold back my feelings on this. These two XL 52's I have are really well behaved nice running engines.

Just like the two ASP FS 80's I have had in the last month, these are nice engines. Check it out for yourself.

Magnum XL52RFS first run after a look inside (9 min 2 sec)

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weather vane effect on sailplanes

if a plane has too much side area behind the cg it may have the tendency to point at the wind and resist going any other way.
just like a weather vane. resisting to change direction.
Frank Zaic mentioned a method to keep this in balance by a very simple method without calculations. he called it center of lateral area.
from cardboard he cut a profile of the model showing all the components viewed from the side, including the side of the wing with the dihedral. then pinned it at the desired cg and saw if it balanced. i tried it with all my models and it worked.

if any1 has some experience with this, please bring it.
please only comments polite, positive and to the point.

i started a thread on the issue here: