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Posted by decreale | Jun 26, 2018 @ 05:42 AM | 4,037 Views
I will start with the bad. The wheel covers are absolutely crap. They will break no matter how careful you are landing or just carrying the plane. They are thin as paper. I was putting the plane down and for some reason that escapes me the wheel cover cracked. I could spend $34 to buy another set but that makes no sense.
The monocote covering wrinkles if the sun hits it so you must keep it in the shade when you are not flying it.

I would not recommend this plane until they fix the problems
I put tape on the cracked wheel cover to prevent further damage. I decided to fix the cover and I took off the tape which pulled off the paint, really. What a piece of junk
If you want a company that makes a great plane then look at Great Planes. I have several of their planes and they are rock solid. The Phoenix Stuka is crap and if this represents the kind of planes Phoenix is building stay away