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Posted by davidterrell80 | Jan 27, 2015 @ 04:15 PM | 5,673 Views
This is a prototype thread for me to work out the preparations for the next contest.


"BBCC 6" -- 6th Balsa Builders Conversion Contest Thread

The Goal: Build yourself a flying model, constructed predominantly of balsa and derived from an existing model, kit or plans, changing your model's "mode of control" from that used by the prototype (i.e. FF, CL, RC) to a different mode. Examples include: FF to RC, CL to RC, RC to FF, etc.

Notice: The dates associated with this contest are two months later than previous contests. I am changing the dates to allow a better chance of getting a first flight opportunity before winter sets in, in the respective hemispheres.

See the answers to Frequently Asked Questions in Post #3, below, for additional information.

Significant Dates:

Contest Start:............01 FEB 2015 (This date is in line with the previous schedule, to allow those wanting to roll previous projects to do so. Build Threads should be started)
Entries Close:............30 JUN 2015 (No entries accepted after this date)
Primary Build period:.....01 JUL 2015 to 30 SEP 2015
Contest Ends:.............30 SEP 2015
------ Aircraft must have proof of flight posted by this date to be considered for judging in BBCC 6

Polling Begins:...........01 OCT 2015
Polling Ends:.............31 OCT 2015

All deadlines are at at the end of the specified day, at midnight UTC.
Judging Criteria:
Best Build – this title will be voted on by
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Posted by davidterrell80 | Jan 05, 2015 @ 06:50 PM | 5,524 Views
1965 Flight International Magazine....

"Following a six-month study... the Convair Division of General Dynamics has determined that a submersible flying boat is 'feasable, practical and wee within the state of the art.'"

Brushless motors will run underwater...