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Posted by 3 Green | Apr 29, 2020 @ 07:09 PM | 6,871 Views
Just retired from flying commercially for the past 42 years.
Have flown and typed in:
B-727, 737, 747, 757,767,777,787, DC-10, G1159, Lear Jet

Now I have discovered the enjoyment of flying RC.

My planes:

2 Apprentice S 1 new without electrical and one used that I will fly with an instructor

1 Timber older, crashed twice

HH Sport Cub S. Learned to fly on this little bird

2 Cirrus low wing planes, one crashed (fixable) and one very nice


Old Crow In a box new
Blondie in a box new
Dallas Doll
PZ Gunfighter in box new
Ferocious Frankie
Eachine Mini P-51 (Micro)

PZ Spitfire
PZ P-47
PZ T-28

Spitfire, 1.2 mm

Corsair 1.2mm
Corsair 1.7 .mm NIB

EGlider AWs 2850

I wont be flying any of the expensive newer warbirds anytime soon. Going to practice on the Apprentice and Timber before I tackle the tail dragging warbirds.

Using a recently purchased Spectrum DX9 radio.

Enjoying the hobby. Sticking with foam as I can repair if/when I crash..........

Practicing everyday with my RealFlight 9 sim on a 32 in curved screen.

Thank you for stopping by.