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Posted by mystwalker | May 08, 2020 @ 08:16 PM | 5,205 Views
here's the progress on my first ever quad build, it's a 6 inch rooster and f40 pros that i bought from the classifieds here a while back.
iflight f4 stack, dragonlink nano, and some tiny 1.3 vtx i found on the classifieds, I had planned on using crossfire and 5.8 vid but i run a futaba 14sg
and i have read that that radio doesn't play well with crossfire, and i already have all my ground stuff set up with 1.3 vid.

so far the build has been very enjoyable, i really like this frame but that could be just because it's my first, it hasn't been as dificult as i thought it would be,
I wanted it to be a neat and clean build, and i think i have succeeded there.
but..i know nothing about betaflight, so when i get to that point i'm gonna have to spend some time reading in the forums

smooth air and good skies,