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Posted by robynhud | Apr 30, 2020 @ 08:58 AM | 6,222 Views
Under the recent lock down, a club member suggested a build, which would have been a success if the balsa suppliers could keep up with the demand.
I decided on the Clancey Aviation's Stagger Bee, and had to work around the two stringers that I didn't have in the drawer. Work, first, started with the 70, or so, A4 pages my printer spat out at a fair clip. Here, I thought that I would spice things up by making mine a 110% and set the poster print to overlap by 0.2 of an inch, although zero maybe an idea. I then trimmed 4 mm/1/4" off of two adjacent sides, of the whole stack, to help with the lining up and sticking together.
A quick note on the subject of sanding, which is to take a belt sander belt, and cut a firm piece of plywood the same width - about three or four inches - , and about 18" long, and glue a matching piece from the belt sander belt, avoiding the join. Interestingly, my present one is made with a sheet of seasoned balsa, that you would struggle to get a nail through.
The wings came out first, one a piece, in a single sitting. To help get your head around them, both are chord shaped prisms, truncated/cut off at both ends at a shallow angle. The slots I cut with a perma-grit 3mm slot cutter, holding all five ribs together, having sanded them into shape first. The same needs to be done with the two leading edge strips, which are later laminated together, and the two spars. The plans show the two leading edge strips to have...Continue Reading