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I'm lucky enough to have a decent flying spot right across the street from me ( literally ) , a school field. My wife came home from running errands today and said she noticed some guys flying there. Most of my RC friends fly planes so I don't often get to fly quads with others. I told the wife I'd be back in a bit and grabbed my FPV backpack. I went over and introduced myself. The guys were super nice, and I ended up flying a half dozen packs while talking all things quads.
Here's a video from today's session.

ImpulseRC Helix / DShot Tuning (4 min 49 sec)

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iSDT SC-620 Charger
Max power 500W,Max charge current 20A. Experience more freedom.
Input Voltage: DC9~30V
Output Voltage: 0~30V
Charge Current: 0.1~20.0A
Discharge Current: 0.1~5.0A
Max Charge Capacity: 500W
Max Discharge Capacity: 15W
Balanced Current: 1000mA/cell
Balanced Cells: 2-6S
USB Outout: 2.1A/5V
Supported Battery: LiFe/Lilon/LiPo/LiHv(1~6S), NiMH/Cd(1~18S), Pb(1~12S)
Display: 2.4/ 320x240 IPS LCD
Usage temperature: 0~40℃
Storage temperature: -20~60℃
Dimension: 115x130x52 mm
Weight: 289g
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Input Voltage: DC 9~32V
Output Voltage: 0~30V
Charge Current: 0.1~8.0A
Discharge Current: 0.1~3.0A
Max Charge Capacity: 150W
Max Discharge Capacity: 5W
Balancing Current: 500mA/cell
Balance Cells: 2-6S
Supported Batt. Type: LiFe/Lilon/LiPo/LiHv (1∽6S), NiMH/Cd(1∽18S), Pb(1∽12S)
Display: 2.4〃320x240 IPS LCD
Operating Temperature: 0~40C
Storage Temperature: -20~60C
Dimensions: 88x58x21 mm
Weight: 110g
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Input Voltage: DC 7-32V
Output Voltage: 0-30V
Charge Current: 0.1-14.0A
Discharge Current: 0.1-3.0A
Max Charge Capacity: 300W
Max Discharge Capacity: 8W
Balancing Current: 1A/cell
Balance Cells: 2-6S
Supported Batt. Type:
LiFe/Lilon/LiPo/LiHv (1-6S)
Display: 2.4〃320240 IPS LCD
Operating Temperature: 0-40C
Storage Temperature: -20-60C
Dimensions: 80x80x33.5 mm
Weight: 119g


1x ISDT Q6 Plus Pocket Battery Balance Charger
1x Manual
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Welcome back to work dear folks!!!I guess you all hated it though.

It's the last week of 2016,Is there something undone wish from 2016's list?Only 4 days left,then
2016 would become history,take the last chance to cherish the people around you,the buddy who
race or fly with you.

And as the supplier in this area,if there is something we did well,and you want us to keep up the good
work,just let us know.if there is something you are not very fond of ,we try to do better next year.

So just cherish the limited days left for 2016,and wish you an awesome year in 2017.
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My new project
Posted by GRadzat | Dec 27, 2016 @ 09:16 PM | 1,822 Views
I need someone to show me the ropes on a new Phantom Quad 3 - Anybody living around the Northern California/Santa Rosa area that has some time and experience? What about anyone living on the North Shore of Hawaii who's into RC's , etc. ? Need to hook-up to get some air time with someone that can help me get this started. Private pilot but no clue about RC type flying...want to get into it now...

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Thrust test of Eachine E010 stock motor, Chaoli CL-615 and Chaoli CL-615 Upgraded motors.

Motors used in the test:

Eachine E010 stock motors (

Chaoli CL-615 motor (
Chaoli CL-615 pack of 4x motors (

Chaoli CL-615 upgraded motor (
Chaoli CL-615 upgraded pack of 4x motors (

Test results:
Stock motors have shown very good results. Chaoli motors showed even less static thrust than stock motors. Chaoli CL-615 Upgraded version motors are really more powerfull, they spin a lot faster (you can even tell it by the sound of spinning proppeler).
If you decide to swich to the more powerful motors, I would recommend to upgrade a battery to the 45C 150mAh one (, as Chaoli upgraded motors draws more current (4x1.10A=4.40A) and weaker batteries have a lot of voltage sag.

Eachine E010 Chaoli CL-615 and Chaoli CL-615 Upgraded tiny whoop motors thrust test (0 min 54 sec)

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Latest episode of Drone Trippin' starring (among others) Shaun "NYTFury" Taylor (2x MultiGP Champion and 2016 Drone Worlds Champion) and Zoe Stumbaugh. Drone Trippin is an AirVuz original production.

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Bridging (3 min 2 sec)

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SIM cards are going through a golden age. First mobile phones, then machines and now its the time for vehicles. Vodafone is studying ways to connect drones to the internet as a solution to identify, track and manage all of them in a single airspace

Vodafone is actively looking for ways to jump into the growing drone business. Why? There are thousands of units flying virtually without control, autonomous flights are knocking at the door and we lack a long term legal and operational framework. Using existing ground infrastructure to connect and manage all this traffic can make a lot of sense and big money too.
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Eleven Hobby T-28 T28 Trojan Customized Yellow 1100mm 43" Wingspan Warbird MAIDEN FLIGHT PT2 (4 min 34 sec)

Where to get one:

You cant deny that T-28's fly amazing, and this one is no exception! Its also feature packed with Flaps and retracts! And is the perfect size to fit in your car assembled!

The weather here has been terrible, I finally got a maiden in, but the sky conditions dont really make for the best video, there will be more! Be sure to subscribe to see me put this bird through its paces!

- Scale 3 blade prop
- Good looking scale gear struts
- Cockpit with a pilot
- Large top hatch
- Accepts 3s 2200mah lipos, very common size!
- Excellent flight characteristics
- Scale outline
- Predictable stalls

- Spinner was hard to screw down snugly against the prop hub
- Prop was loose in the hub, I used a dab of hot glue to fill the gaps

The North American Aviation T-28 Trojan is a piston-engined military trainer aircraft used by the United States Air Force and United States Navy beginning in the 1950s. Besides its use as a trainer, the T-28 was successfully employed as a counter-insurgency aircraft, primarily during the Vietnam War.

Eleven Hobby is honored to present the new T-28 Trojan. There are numerous T-28 in the current market. This T-28 might be the most controllable T-28. It is a mutual work of three national and foreign engineers. In the...Continue Reading
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I was looking at purchasing the MJX 601h. The kit I'm buying comes with 2 7.4v 700mah batteries and c4008 camera. I have already decided on the platform but my question is I want the bests batteries I can get for it and I have found 1000mah batteries for it. Is it a significant upgrade and if so great but are there better ones. My second question is the camera after checking some videos out for all the compatible ones and seeing the latency on them the c4008 was my favorite but is there a better camera for it as far as picture not lagging the farther it is away. I'm really excited about getting my first plan to purchase soon but hopefully I can get a few recommendations first.
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Take an old or dead Fc and convert it into a Stackable shelf for Quad electronics.

This came to mind as i was putting together my Wraith210X Frame and needed space.

Double sided tape and zip tieing under the top plate is a no go for me any more.

Hot glue
Mask tape
Dremel with a thin small cutwheel
Painters mask.
Old naze32 board
Table Clamp
Frsky XSR
TBS Unify Pro
Microminum OSD

Scrape off everything on the naze board and cut a squard out to place the osd in it.

Make sure the osd is not touching anypart of the board.

Tape 1 side of the osd in its place between the board.
Flip over the board and add hot glue around the osd.
Once dry remove the tape. Wire it up

You might be able to use the pos and neg rails on the naze board as solder points.

I connected the TBS and Osd together on the dead naze an ran that conection to my X-Racer.

Mount and hot glue the XSR on the bottom of the board insuring its not touching any part except for glue.

Mount the TBS on top of the board where you need it to be.

The osd connects to the TBS Unify Pro.

Mount the new combo board on top if your FC.
Im using 6mm Standoffs since i dont want to go over 25mm tall.

I may add a 5v polou to this mix soon and might produce a vid on how to....Continue Reading
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ThiEye T5e test (0 min 53 sec)

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Well this year several of the Members of the Crash Cast/Angle of Attack Pod Cast participated in a Secret Santa giveaway... TCCSS... The Crash Cast Secret Santa. The requirements was a $50 minimum gift... The first year I received a UMX Radian. The second year was a Flite Test Explorer. This year was a Hacker P51D with all of the goodies to go with it. Looks like it will be a Fun one! Power will be from a Suppo 1000 Kva motor and a 25 amp ESC. I will post photos or a video of the build... Mudman1959
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Video Recording Module : Included
Camera : 2MP. Frequency : 2.4GHz
Charging Time : 40 minutes
Motor (x4) : Coreless Motor
Memory Card : Micro SDHC(excluded)
Flight Time : Around 7 minutes Battery : 3.7V 380mAh
Protective Cover : Excluded, requires to order separately
Transmitter : 2.4Ghz 4 channels
Hubsan X4 H107C RC Quadcopter RTF Dimension : 70 * 70 * 130mm
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Making little progress each time. With Betaflight default PID settings it fly's pretty stable.

Practice, Practice, Practice... Evening Sun FPV Flight (4 min 39 sec)

- EMAX Nighthawk 280
- MotoLab Cyclone FC
- LittleBee 20A ESCs
- RunCam PZ0420M FPV Cam
- RunCam 2 HD Cam
- Motors EMAX MT2204-2300KV

Music: GingerRunner - Ohana