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Posted by DogFly. | Apr 06, 2015 @ 09:56 AM | 5,634 Views
Like the title says, lost my motivation, life has gotten in the way of flying.
Been dealing with a lot of family matters for a number of years now, lost my Aunt, my sister in law, and my old man last year
And have relocated to Florida to take care of my elderly mom, haven't flown in so long most of my LiPos have died off.
I'm not ready to give up on my remaining planes yet, just need to buy fresh batteries, and look for my motivation.

Meanwhile, I've decided to unload some old balsa kits I've stashed away,
my problem is that I have no idea of the value of these kits.
I'm going to start posting these kits on this thread with the hopes that a more experienced member(s) can help me price these kits for sale.
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I haven't had much chance lately to update my blog,
first of all I want to thank the RCG Admins for moving my build threads over to my blog page!!!

I think the hangar is getting out of control:

Hz Super Cub W/ Scorpion mtr and ailerons, fun to fly
Leadfeather Yak54 profile
Dreamflight Weasel Pro
Great Planes Reactor
E-flite Mini Funtana
E-flite Taylorcraft 450
E-flite umx Beast
Extreme Flight Edge 540
Extreme Flight Extra 300
Pz Bearcat TGY 3536c
Pz Skyraider Power 10
Pz Stryker stock
Mpx Funjet 6 series
Mpx Gemini TGY 3542c
Mpx Blizzard Power 10
Hangar9 P-40b Warhawk 50 almost finished
Hangar9 F4U Corsair 50 not started
Dynaflite Wanderer not started

E-flite Blade msr
E-flite Blade 120sr

Most of those planes are functional or close to it, and I might have missed a couple.
Posted by DogFly. | Sep 15, 2009 @ 09:06 PM | 28,420 Views
Finally getting started on this build, I've been thinking about this one for over a year, since I did the F8F Bearcat!
I have accumulated the parts I need: T-28 fuse, wing, elevator, canopy, + Pz Corsair cowl.
The initial build up has already started, the plastic firewall has had the outer plastic ring trimmed off to allow the Corsair cowl to fit.
After looking at the fuse and cowl together, I realized the nose will need shortening by ~ 1 1/2", that will probably change as I get further along.
The next change up will be to flatten the lower fuse section, then the tail will need some work to match the A-1's shape.
The stock Trojan canopy has been stripped down, and will have some foam added and shaped to the correct profile.
I will be adding pics as I get them(tomorrow),

So, any questions!

Update: video link of maiden flight:
Parkzone A-1 Skyraider (3 min 27 sec)

Posted by DogFly. | Aug 19, 2009 @ 09:37 PM | 8,004 Views
I think I'll start my blog with links to my attempts at build threads!

My first build thread was a HOB 2x4:

My 2nd build was bashing 2 Parkzone T-28's into a twin:

My 3rd build was bashing a Parkzone T-28 into a F8F Bearcat:

My 4th build is ongoing bashing 2 Parkzone P-51's into a F-82:

My 5th build is finished, maiden video on the thread,
Pz T-28 into a A-1 Skyraider:

plane list(at this time):

Dreamflight Weasel Pro
Hz Super Cub
Multiplex Blizzard
Multiplex Gemini
Multiplex Funjet
PZ Stryker

PZ F8F Bearcat modded from a T-28
PZ A-1 Skyraider modded from a T-28

Leadfeather's EPP Yak55
+ several kits

And I've been into this for just a year and a half!
I will be adding to this blog as time permits!

Dave....Continue Reading
Posted by DogFly. | Aug 13, 2009 @ 11:45 PM | 44,405 Views
I have been asked by my friend Dave from Hobbycentral to build a F-82 Twin Mustang!
Now some of you have seen some of my other attempts at foam bashing such as the PZ T-228 Twin Trojan build, and my PZ F8F Bearcat. I will be the first to admit that I don't go to much in for the scale detail work, that's for my friend Dave(Hobbycentral).

My goal is to produce a realistic P-82, the fuselages will be straight forward just need to make working rudders and y-cable them together.
The elevator should be fairly easy and will probably need 1 servo for the function.
The hard part will be the center wing joiner, the mustang has a semi symetrical air foil and I will have to put some thought in before I start cutting!
Dave hasn't shared the color scheme with me yet, but I hope he will post it on here soon.
I welcome all to assist in the fun of foam bashing .

Foam warbird Conversions:

Twin Trojan thread:

F8F thread:

Pz T-28 into A-1 Skyraider:

ps. wish me luck!
Posted by DogFly. | Sep 03, 2008 @ 09:04 PM | 15,006 Views
Ok guys,
I'm getting ready to bash a Parkzone T-28 Trojan into a F8F Bearcat!
The plans have been looked at, and the concept is very feasible!
I intend to transform a Trojan into a Bearcat, the bash should be fairly easy!
I'll post some overlaid plans that will show how similar the 2 planes are.
The fuse, wing, and tail assemblies will be modified, and I'll have to fab up a cowel, and the plane will be changed to a tail dragger!
Anyway heres a peek at the plans!
Posted by DogFly. | Aug 07, 2008 @ 11:23 PM | 13,710 Views
I'm posting this build with my friend Dave, this is his idea I am just the assistant!
The idea behind this build was to recreate the T-28 to be like the WWII twin fuselage Mustang!
We started the build with two T-28 fuselages,and wings, and hacked off a left wing and a right wing. Care was taken to ensure the wing was cut square with relationship to the wing and fuselage.
The next step was to create a center wing panel that would match the existing wing profile. We decided to use a Hobbyzone Supercub wing, the dihedral and wing tips were removed. This left us with 2 SC wing sections, one section was split length ways at the thickest part of the wing. the leading edge was taped into place, and the trailing edge as well! this left a gap of 1" to be filled, which was cut from the thickest part of the remaining wing section. The pieces were then removed, and glued together creating a wider wing section.
The fuselages were then jigged together, to ensure square, and the center panel was then shortened to the size we wanted.
The center wing panel was then glued inplace, and currently awaits some carbon fiber reinforcements.
It was also decided to convert to a tail dragger with steering rear wheels,
so the front landing gear was relocated towards the front, and closer in to the fuse like the twin Mustang.
We are currently awaiting the rear horizontal stab/elevator so we can fabricate a new one to fit like the twin Mustang.
The build is being done at "Hobby Central"
located at: 14 W. Anapamu st. Santa Barbara, Ca.
Posted by DogFly. | Jul 15, 2008 @ 10:24 PM | 14,442 Views
My 2x4 kit arrived today in the mail , I looked the kit over, no damage, no missing pieces Still can't upload pics I looked the plans over real good to see where the mods will go.
To explain my build idea, I wanted to make a nice e-power glider to fly from my local soccer field. With gas being so expensive I can't always afford to fly where I want Also I wanted a powered glider, because the wind doesn't always co-operate, and the ability to go hunt for thermals can be a lot of fun!
I also plan on putting some good size ailerons on her (also for fun!)

Since the HoB 2x4 is named for 2 channels, 4' wingspan, and I'm adding 2 channels it becomes a 4 channel, 4' wingspan = HoB 4x4
My back ground is: retired auto tech(dealerships), this is my 3rd glider build.
Of course the last one was some time ago before the divorce!
I expect I'll make some mistakes, hopefully have a lot of fun!
Still can't get the pics up server must be busy!
I will try to post later!
Edit:add pic.