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Posted by jstoll | May 17, 2009 @ 05:21 PM | 5,793 Views
things got tight as it is with everyone so I parted out the drag car
there is quite a bit of one off parts I built on there
many many hours of blood & sweat, cant remember any tears though :-)
god knows how long it would sit waiting for me to finish it
my wifes volvo poped out of park & took out the front end
when things pick up Ill build something but we need the dough now

the up shot I had everything worth dough sold in one day at least got comittments from the buyers

I was gona get that 2.3 FWD into the low mid 11s

I have a 78 datsun B210 here though :-) maybe I can put a saab engine in that :-)

take care
Posted by jstoll | Mar 15, 2009 @ 04:17 PM | 5,614 Views
I had to get out of flying for a while simply because I couldent afford it & I think I had maybe gotten too obsessed with it
I did start to feel like I had made a few friends here & I just stopped coming on which was maybe rude on my part (sorry)

Im going to start flying again soon & I really want to go to seff

big things in my life now are that ofcourse tuning has slowed to a crawl as well as one of the engine management systems I work with got freewared, this cut my income by about $1000 a month or more.
Im trying like hell to get the word out there in the asheville area that there is a good independant saab/volvo tech here but I never really advertized for repair ...... I had hoped that I could use my brain more then my body (Im 42 & feel like Im 52) but you got to do what you can to get bye

it is scary to be the man of a household & bareley make enough money to get bye

& still have a beautiful & loving family
I do still make payments to the bank on my house :-)
I still eat good food
& if I really take it easy I might even be able to fly planes as I was just tearing up too much stuff before

anyway I dont want to depress you all just wanted to share whats up with me at this point in time
thanks for being here
take care
Posted by jstoll | Sep 24, 2007 @ 02:31 PM | 6,381 Views
saabs are unusual cars so when I started drag racing I had to modify some wheels for my car to put the slicks on
Ill be posting times on the car soon :-)
take care
Posted by jstoll | Sep 24, 2007 @ 02:18 PM | 6,339 Views
I never did a blog before :-)
I was an automotive tech for 25 years & now I do performance tuning & fabrication for saabs & some other cars as well for a friend who owns a dyno shop in town here
Ive built some of the fastest saabs in the US
jak stoll performance
my friends shop
you can see my car making 425HP at the wheels in the gallery on my friends website
I like to fly wings with fair power :-)
I taught myself to fly at a park with allot of trees & poles so Ive managed to wreck allot of nice planes :-( but now I actually like the poles because I weave through them for fun :-)

here is a pic of me listening to my car run on a chasis dyno up in detroit :-)

also a pic of my car on that dyno

I believe the pic of the plane is an RCWorks reaper I built :-) what an awesome plane that is
take care