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Posted by Jim T. Graham | Jul 05, 2011 @ 11:01 AM | 26,791 Views
Almost a year ago I saw my first DLG plane and I got the bug. Fast forward to this summer and I finally have a couple of discus launch gliders. Thanks to my friend Skip Miller and his son Cody at SkipMillermodels.com I got my first DLG and while asking questions on RCG I started talking with another DLG pilot and that has turned into to my second DLG with ailerons. This one is hand built and based on the Jingo. I have to admit right up front that I have very little DLG knowledge. The pilot at Clover Creek threw his bird in the air and proceeded to do an amazing amount of aerobatics on the way back to his hand. After my first few throws I realized that just getting the plane to make a few turns and come back to me was a trick! I am slowly learning how to get the plane higher with each throw and I'm also learning how to let the plane fly itself and keep an eye out for thermals. I spent the weekend camping with a 100 acre hay field as a backyard. Originally I thought I was going to get a DLG to fly aerobatics but now I'm trying to hard to learn the nuance of finding lift. I have a hundred questions but now I have a solution! For this next month's podcast I'm going to call Skip Miller and ask him every question I have. I think that will not only help me learn but hopefully it will help others out there thinking about getting a DLG plane. I am also thinking about making my next column in Model Aviation about my current DLG experiences. So far I'm having a blast and the fact that my RC field is 5 minutes away I am able to grab some flights each day. Exciting stuff!