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Posted by Jim T. Graham | May 05, 2008 @ 04:22 PM | 30,385 Views
There we were, myself and Robert Harrington (senior tech for Hobby Lobby) rolling down the road headed for SEFF. We had the 27 foot 7,000 pound Hell Wagon in tow with everything you need to have a good time at SEFF. We had BBQ grills, beef to cook, guitars to play, planes to fly, cameras to catch the action and more. We also had the newly finished RCGroups.com golf cart gleaming in all of it's glory.

As soon as we got on the highway, literally out of nowhere a piece of truck tire the size of my head (pretty big!) flew up and smacked the side of my newly acquired all black 7.3 diesel Ford Excursion. OHHHHHH NOOOOO! I pulled over happy to find no dents but also startled to see that only 4 more inches up and it would have gone through the windshield. Yikes!

After that experience Robert and I were going over different blow out scenarios - right rear tire blowout, front tire blowout and the dreaded trailer tire blowout. About an hour later we were able to not only speculate but live through an actual blowout while towing a 7,000 pound trailer at 70 mph! I think it was me that said, "do you hear that?" and then BOOOOOSH the back end sank down and I tried to hustle off the road before my pretty rim was ruined. I have to say the Ford Excrusion handled it well and did not kill us. Thankfully it also had a spare tire that was E rated and that meant I didn't have to spend Saturday at a tire store. Thanks to my Pioneer GPS head unit we were able to call someone to help us...Continue Reading