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Posted by lslewis | May 09, 2011 @ 06:37 AM | 14,399 Views
It took a long while to really recover from my hospital stay. It took even longer to return to modeling. Late March I reopened the factory and began work on a plane that had been waiting on the shelf. However the foam kit and construction did not impress me and it got sent to the garage half built.

The Aero Commander kit had spoiled me, all the design was complete and all the parts fit, the plane looked and flew great. During my recovery I saw a lot of boats and one tug caught my eye. I decided to model a boat but wanted a well designed kit for my first attempt. I caught sticker shock boat kits are $$$.
Until I found his cute tug boat Jr. looked just perfect. When I mentioned I might want to retrieve a model plane from the lake adjoining our flying field the owner suggested his tow boat. Tug boat, tow boat what's the difference?