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Posted by lslewis | Jun 22, 2006 @ 05:05 PM | 4,027 Views
I put the Ercoupe back in the box. The wings would be OK but the fuselage is crap. The balsa is bad and splits, the parts for the cockpit are just plain wrong. The plans do not show the actual fuselage, just a "similar" design. That does not matter much it is easy to figure where the parts go. But it is so poorly done..

I got very excited today when I saw a four microfan Valcan bomber at

It almost makes me want to finish the revisions to my B-58 or build a new one. Too much work for now. I am getting better each day but it is not over yet, maybe next month.

Posted by lslewis | Jun 10, 2006 @ 07:21 AM | 3,790 Views
Building the Ercoupe went into slow motion. I cut most of the parts for the starboard wing but did not assemble them until yesterday. Thus I have a completed right wing. I had forgotten how delicate stick and tissue designs are. The outboard end of the wing is round and butt gluing three semi circular 1/32-balsa strips together accomplishes that. They did not fit properly. A balsa block sanded to shape would do a much better job. A foam wing would be even better.

I have never cut a foam blank and with my poor health I do not have the energy to attempt the task. I am also thinking about making the wing with Depron. I have decided to build the model as a non-flying showcase. If it comes out good I will give it to a friend whom has been a big help during my illness.

Gfliers1 Thanks for your input. I was able to understand you instructions. I have decided not to power the plane so it will not be necessary to get inside. I will build the fuselage exactly as you advised.

Hurricane Larry
Posted by lslewis | Jun 03, 2006 @ 10:03 AM | 4,635 Views
I have been home for a week now. I can walk now; go to the bathroom without help. Get into and out of most chairs. My appetite is the biggest problem as I need to eat but nothing tastes good, looks good, or smells good. I force myself to eat.

I am feeling good enough that I am getting bored, very bored. I had purchased an old rubber powered free flight Comet kit for the Ercoupe. At the time I planned to double the size of the drawings and build a 48 wing version. I have started building the kit as originally designed; with a little care I should be able to save the drawings.

Sticks and tissue paper. I had forgotten how much kit building has advanced since those days. I had forgotten how easily the balsa would split. I have cut the wing ribs and the fuselage bulkheads. The wing builds flat on the drawing. There is no plan for building the fuselage. There is a 1:1 side and top view and a sketch that shows the completed fuselage skeleton and makes a comment about building it straight. If I cut the bulkheads in half horizontally I might be able to build the fuselage on the drawing, a half at a time and come out straight. This change would also allow me to make part of the top removable for access to battery, motor and controller should I ever decide to power it. I think I have enough control rods left over from my other projects for elevator and ailerons.

All this is to keep me from insanity locked up with an open wound. Any ideas on how to build this tiny plane will be appreciated.

Hurricane Larry