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Posted by shigetyann | Feb 18, 2013 @ 10:20 AM | 6,603 Views
Today I had a chance to have some progress with my small ICON.
It was time to finish the fuselage though, I couldn't get blocks of time.
my strategy to progress the third ICON, I cut out bellow three ideas.
First, carbon square tubes are mounted in the center of the fuselage and vertical fin. This is expected to get stability in the flights.
Second, the elevator servo is mounted in the vertical fin. This avoids the shift of the neutral position of elevator that is caused from thedilation and contraction tendency of foam.
Third, I made the ICON run on the water when the plane is planing in the cross wind. I got the rudder fin moved to near the end of the fuselage, and is poked downward from the hull surface. Sothe rudder linkage had to rebuilt to be simple.
Now it's just before the fuselage is going to finish.