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Posted by shigetyann | Jun 07, 2010 @ 09:48 AM | 11,027 Views
This model was finished about 5 years ago.
This FSK Zero-Fighter is my first attempt to build up 400 class form scale airplane.
At the maiden flight an editor publishing RC magazine in Japan came over.

Before I bought this, a rumor about FSKs FW-190 had been great of its style and easy flight.
Actually FSK Zero-Fighter seemed to have very high potential in the first glance when I opened the kit box.
Parts gave me power-full imagination and energy to create some extra gimmicks: differential moving main landing gears, retractable rear gear and release a jettisonable tank.
Those gimmicks are rare even in the big nitro planes, over .60 cubic inch engines.
Also I made up the cockpit as precise as possible.
Evolution of Blushless motor and Lipo battery for R/C model after 2002 made us easy to fly the same performance as super scale big models.

This plane was introduced in RC magazine in april 2005 in Japan.
Im pretty proud of my FSK Zero-Fighter.
Please enjoy the video. You might have mistaken this as if a big plane.

FSK model Zero-Fighter 零戦 Mitsubishi A6M5 with gimmics (5 min 46 sec)
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